Green New Deal, What the Hell?

The Green New Deal first came about in 2007 a brain child of Tom Friedman, a Democratic Congressman. It has gained new life under the auspices of Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez. The main precept is to eliminate all energy sources that generate CO2. Even the eventual elimination of cows because they produce methane gas. They want to eliminate coal, oil, natural gas, propane and nuclear energy as energy sources because they all generate CO2. Solar, Wind and other renewable sources of energy. President Obama nearly bankrupted out country during his 8 years by spending billions of dollars on green deal projects. He tried everything to cut down our use of oil, coal and nuclear energy. President Trump has since reversed these wasteful projects. Our economy prior to Covid-19 was back on track.

The problem with green energy sources is that they are prohibitively expensive. We don’t have the technology yet, to make them competitive with oil, coal and other higher CO2 emitting energy sources. Maybe in 50 years we will be there, but we are not there know.

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