What  Ruined This Country?

I have written several articles on postings related to politics. A list of links have been provided at bottom of this article for your convenience. This article will, however address different aspects on these political events.

There is no question that our history as a country has been tumultuous at best. All you have to do is look at timeline of our history to see the issues we have had to deal with. There have been four sitting presidents assassinated* in our history, with 21 more unsuccessful attempts**  being made. That is entirely too many. No other country has had as many leaders assassinated in such a short period of time. What is this saying about our country? It seems that violence is an accepted way of dealing with issues. Our White House was burned down by the English in 1814, we suffered through 4 years of civil war in the 1860’s, we suffered through mass extinctions of the Native Indian throughout our early history. One of the darkest times of our history was the roughly 200 years of slave ownership by the south. We  have suffered through over a hundred of years in race relation issues. We have survived 2 major attacks on our country, Pear Harbor in December 7, 1941 and the attack by al-Quaeda on September 11, 2001. We have suffered through a cold war with Russia, numerous Recessions and one great depression. We have experienced 2 great pandemics. Untold number of wars and military engagements. The oil embargo and rampant increase in prices and shortage of gasoline in the 1970’s. We have experienced ecological issues with the great dust bowl, which almost ruined our ability to feed the country, and pollution created by our industrial era. And to wrap things up a 100 plus year assault on our educational system by the socialists. White supremacist, and other hate groups have festered in our country. I am sure there are many more issues that I have not mentioned. But this gives you an overview of what this country has gone through in its short history. I didn’t even discuss what it went through before it became a country.

What is amazing is that not only did our country survive, it thrived and became a world power 2nd to none. You may ask what is the answer to our success? The answers is, it is our foundation, the Constitution. This has given us a bedrock solid base, that no other country has. Second is our can-do attitude, we never let anything get us down, we just keep on chugging along. We are also a country of entrepreneurs and our country is full of incredibly creative and industrious people. We have a two party political system, which gives us political diversity. Our Strength comes from our freedom of speech,  and our tolerance for opposing views and even races.  While our country is not perfect, we have the political flexibility and the industry and compassion to fix these problems. This can happen as long as we work together towards a common goal. The old saying “United we Stand, Divided we Fall“, is very appropriate.

However, our country has become sick and has been weakened by both innumerable external and internal onslaughts. The purveyors of Socialism and Communism have been working at destroying this country. They have found out that we are simply too strong to do a full frontal attack. I have discussed this subject in previous articles (“The Plot to Destroy America and How Did it Start?”), so I won’t rehash all the details here. I will briefly mention several causative agents and then I will discuss in depth other causative agents.

We have lost our industrial base to foreign competition. Many companies have been outsourced to countries like China and India, where labor is plentiful and cheap, and there are fewer regulations and taxes. In our early industrial revolution, industrial giants crushed the population by extremely long work hours, poor pay and dangerous working conditions. It became such a problem that unions were formed  to protect the workers. Conditions were grudgingly improved and wages became sustainable. However, these unions became too powerful and too greedy and pushed the scale too far the other way. Companies were almost forced into receivership by  incessant and sometimes frivolous demands, so much so that many companies eventually closed up or moved overseas. Our country is littered with examples of this excess. The high cost of labor is partly responsible for this migration, another cause is legislative regulations and taxes. These regulations have driven the cost of doing business so much that the companies can no longer remain profitable. California has seen a mass migration of its tech companies to not only other states but to other countries. This has radically decreased its tax base, while its expenses have still remained high. We got the hell beat out of us in the automotive industry by Japan in the 1970’s. We got lazy and started producing shoddy cars with poor quality control. Japan came out with cheaper and more reliable cars. It took us a whole decade to catch up. We now compete favorably with foreign automotive companies now.

Under the Trump administration this migration trend is gradually shifting the other way. Companies and industry are coming back to America. Hopefully without all the pollution that was associated with  the first industrial revolution.

Another problem that has been causing major problems in this country is Lawyers and lawsuits. While we are producing fewer products we seem to be producing more lawyers. If you don’t believe me just drive down the highway and see all the personal injury lawyer billboards, and look at the yellow pages if you still get one. This trend has to stop. Malpractice lawsuits drive up the cost of medicine. The effects of malpractice on patients, whether or not they are actually involved in a legal suit, can be substantial. News or rumors of malpractice for a medical practice or hospital can be a turnoff for potential patients, making them reluctant to seek help. Concerns regarding negligence can make patients nervous and impede a trustworthy and open interaction — the cornerstone of doctor-patient relationships. Malpractice may even affect the cost of healthcare. Already, many Americans cannot afford adequate medical care. Physicians and other healthcare providers have long argued that malpractice claims are the leading cause of escalating healthcare costs. The worry is that as malpractice legal suits become more commonplace, and claimants receive settlements for millions of dollars, patients will have to swallow some of these costs through higher insurance premiums and doctor’s fees. Malpractice insurance premiums for doctors can also affect patients. The premiums can vary drastically by state and by medical specialty. Rising premiums may cause doctors to move to states with more manageable costs, which in turn will greatly influence patient access to the best doctors. Access to healthcare may grow increasingly limited in areas where premiums are especially high. Another concern for patients arises from doctors practicing “defensive medicine,” a euphemism for the ordering of additional tests and procedures that are not strictly necessary but provide protection against claims of negligence and malpractice charges. Likewise, the effects of malpractice on doctors and other healthcare professionals is substantial. Being involved in a legal suit rarely involves only the insurance companies and the lawyers resolving the matter. Rather, it is a great cause of stress in a healthcare professional’s life. It can make professionals question their abilities, which can in turn affect their job performance. In some cases, when the cost of malpractice insurance becomes too high, healthcare providers leave the industry to find work in a related field that carries less risk of litigation.

You have corporate and tax lawyers as well. There sole purpose is to screw people out of payments for services rendered and to reduce the tax load of the companies. You have multi-billion dollar corporations paying less taxes than individuals. This is made possible by poor tax coding by the government. There are just too many loop holes in the tax code. So you can’t blame these companies for taking advantage of them. For example the State of Delaware is known for its large number of corporations., Nevada is catching up though. This is due to tax savings. So our tax base is hemorrhaging everywhere you look.

Another place you can find lawyers is in politics. Of the 535 elected members who make up the 116th Congress, 40 percent had attended law school. A legal education was even more common among senators—54 percent attended law schools, as opposed to 37 percent in the House. They also employ numerous staffers who are attorneys. Why do politicians have to be lawyers? I feel that this high number of lawyers helps to increase the confusing language used in laws. Laws should be simple enough that a person with a high school education should be able to understand them.

Everywhere you look lawsuits are being filed, some are necessary but many are frivolous. Our country has become a litigious society. Instead of people discussing issues intelligently, the first thing you hear from people is that “you will hear from my lawyer”. Lawyers is seems is another major reason that our country is sick.

Lobbyists are another major problem for this country. Major corporations pay lobbyists to basically bend the politicians ear of politicians to protect their interests. While there are rules about how much they can give to politicians, we all now that there are ways to get around these laws. Not every politician entering into politics is rich when the start their career, but many more are rich when they retire. How is this possible? Their salaries are not that substantial. So where is the money coming from? Part is from lobbyists. Enough said on that subject, we know a lot of politicians are crooked.

Press Bias is another problem, I have discussed this in a previous article (” When Did and Why Did the Media Become Biased? Is It A Tool Of the Left?”). It has been a problem throughout our history, but with the lack of competition and corporate ownership by large media conglomerates, news services are no longer impartial.

Another issue is the censoring by tech companies see the following Article (“Why Are Tech Companies Biased?”). This is a blatant assault on our freedom of speech, the import of which I mentioned earlier in the article. Cancel culture, is another major issue we are having. Rioters are destroying statues. Movies are disappearing from our viewing ques and from TV stations, ie police shows that show favorable treatment of police, Like the Show “Cops”. Multimedia companies like Facebook and Twitter are erasing postings by their costumers. That is the reason I started this blog. I was tired of being censored. When you erase history, you erase our heritage. You also guarantee that you are doomed to repeat it.

Hate groups, are causing an increasing amount of damage to our country. This occurred in the 1960’s with the race riots, by militaristic groups. Eventually the FBI broke them up. But it is occurring again, now with BLM and ANTIFA. People are afraid to leave their houses and to travel and do other activities that make up a normal life. People are afraid of speaking out, because of the fear of being fired, cancelled or beaten by unruly mobs. Elderly people, mothers with babies and handicapped people are being attacked and beaten. Nobody seems to be off limits. Businesses even ones that do charitable work are being destroyed and burned down, Statues of black heroes and abolitionists are being destroyed.

Socialist and Communist and Liberal Politicians are trying to destroy our country. Democratic politicians are withholding desperately needed aid to their constituents in order to gain bargaining points. Basic components of our very constitution are at stake. The first and the second amendment are being repeatedly attacked. Our president who was legally elected as president has been under continuous attack and was even impeached by the House of Representatives. Governors and mayors are sitting idly by as their cities are being destroyed, businesses burned down and its citizens being assaulted , raped and killed. Their only answer, is to defund the police. The liberal is also trying to force the green deal on this country. By outlawing the use of fossil fuels, nuclear energy and fracking and replacing with unreliable and extremely expensive alternate forms of energy, which use will bankrupt our country. They also want to close all prisons, open our borders and give free medical to all illegal aliens and with medicaid for all. No country can afford these things.

National debt: Under the Obama administration, our national debt more than doubled. We cannot continue to lose our tax base by allowing companies and industry to migrate over seas, while continuing to increase spending and the increased taxing of the already overburdened middle class.

As you can see our country is sick, but that seems to be the idea. If you no anything about Socialism and Communism, you first have to break the existing society before it can be replaced with something new and different. For a more thorough discussion you can read my two articles on Socialism and Communism. I will follow up with another article on how to make our country great again.

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