Financial Disclosure for Politicians

I have written several articles on postings related to politics. A list of links have been provided at bottom of this article for your convenience. This article will, however address different aspects on these political events.

This article discusses the financial  disclosure that is required of selecting politicians before they can run for office. I understand the need for it. This law was initiated after the Watergate fiasco with President Nixon. But like everything done by the government it is excessive. It would be difficult to comply with even for an individual with little wealth and few possessions and only one income. I can’t imagine trying to comply eith it if you were a Billionaire or a millionaire. The results would be so extreme. The nobody would have the time or inclination to review it. I can’t imagine how much it would cost to collect and  collate all the data.

The process needs to be streamlined and only include and financial data that might be a conflict with the office the candidate is running for.

Below is a copy of the Requirements for financial disclosure that designated politicians have give up when they run for office. It seems to be a bit excessive.

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