Why the Left, Socialist and Communist Hate Religion

Simply put religion gives people hope, strength and the ability to endure great hardships. It also fosters the formation of strong family units and instills the desire for greater community involvement. A lot of religions do charity work in there communities and thereby re-enforce communal behavior. The left, in particular gains, a lot of its strength through fear, real or perceived. The left, socialism and communism all believe in strong central governments. They believe in controlling all major aspects of peoples lives. Health care, education, work and even vacations are controlled in some way shape or form. To cover all these expenses they impose high taxes. Rates greater than 50% are the norm.

By breaking up the family structure with educational incentives i.e. youth camps and other organized propaganda units where the children are separated from their parents peoples’ resolve is weakened. The same is true with their anti-church doctrines. People without religious support and faith are weaker. For instance look at the restrictions made by our state and local governments during the Covid-19 pandemic, people were not allowed to congregate in groups greater than 10. Even religious services held outdoors and in cars, where the risk of spreading the disease was next to zero were prohibited. You could however, wait for service outside a liquor store in your car. Alcohol and marijuana dispensaries staid open while beauty parlors and barbershops were closed. You may ask why, beauty shops and barber shops have traditionally been places where gossip and and the local community exchanged information. They knew gloves and masks would prevent the spread of Covid-19. They knew this because it did so in Lowes and Walmart. The government felt that if you were drunk or high you would be easier to control. All these things worked to keep people down, until poor George Floyd was killed by the cops. This incident caused a wave of anti-government resentment and strengthened resolve. This movement became so great that the Left could not control it. They tried, though. Community strength and religious participation came back with a vengeance.

The Socialist and Communist movements both have there origins tied to weak economies and depressions. In strong economies people are more fulfilled and have enough money to enjoy there lives. So the chance for major “reforms” to take place are very small. However in times of great financial distress, where people are at the risk to everything and the future looks bleak, the masses are ripe for reform. This scenario almost unfolded in the US. We are still not out of danger yet. We need to be ever vigilant. We need to keep the faith.

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