Are their Inequalities in Salaries For Movie Star’s Based on Sex?

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First of all I could really care less about this topic, I think all the big stars are paid way too much money. However, there are a lot of actors in Hollywood that are not paid top dollar. This is who the article is geared to. I think Hollywood is totally Leftist and I don’t agree with their politics. I also believe they use their standing in the community to spread their word. If you go back 50 or more years, there definitely was a disparity in salaries based on sex. But today this disparity has closed up. But everything is relative. The movie companies want to make money. They can afford to give higher salaries to actors in blockbuster movies. Most of the blockbuster movies recently, at least, have been about super heroes. Most of the super heroes are male characters. So the bigger the gross of a movie, the greater the money available for salaries. Also, through history most of the large budget movies have had men as there leading actors. So these actors will as a result be able to get larger paychecks. There have been movies with leading ladies and have been blockbusters, one movie in the Press is Gone With The Wind. There have been others as well throughout the history of Hollywood that have been blockbusters, but just to a lesser extent. Today there has been a increase in blockbuster movies with woman as the lead actor. One is Wonder Woman. Gal Gadot was able to command a high salary, because there was just a lot of money available. Julia Roberts has been a very popular actress for a long time, every movie she stars in seems to make more money, because she has that star power. She is just one example. As a result of greater profits being realized in her movies, she is able to demand a multi million dollar payday.

But the trend for movies with female lead actors has been that they star in lower budget movies. They are movies with less popular story lines. They are well done movies and with quality acting, but they just tend to make less money. If a movie makes only 10 to 20 million dollars in profit you can’t expect the movie company to be able to pay there actresses top dollar.

So, there is in essence a disparity in salaries for male and female actors, but it is governed by economies of scale, and not because of bigoted and sexist practices.

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