Has Our Re-Opening Been Intentionally Sabotaged?

The question have we been set up to fail with our re-opening? Was the Opening up America Plan flawed from the start? Why were bars allowed to re-open in Phase 2? Would it have been better to delay their opening in phase 3? Alcohol lowers the inhibitions of people. So how are we going to expect patrons of bars to social distance and wear masks when they are drunk? Were the bar owners instructed to limit the alcohol intake of their clients? Of course, the answer was no. So now we are getting all crazy because we have more cases of Corona. Secondly we have been allowing protesting to go on unabated for weeks with little regards to the size of the crowds, to social distancing and the wearing of masks. Another recipe for failure. So what do we do to slow down the increases in Corona Cases, we of course close the Bars, but we also close down the rest of the recently re-opened businesses. Businesses (gyms, for example) that have been following all the guidelines for safe opening. This is simply unfair. What is even more unfair, is that the protests while starting to dwindle are not being limited by these closures. You can still protest at will. Engaging in protests is good but worshiping God is bad. It seems to me that any activity that promotes health or emotional well being is being singled out and blocked. Is this by design to make us weaker and more susceptible to control? It kind of makes you wonder.

2 thoughts on “Has Our Re-Opening Been Intentionally Sabotaged?

  1. And to add to the confusion the information is conflicting. We were told to stay at home and wear masks and socially distance when going out, while mobs of demonstrators and ravers were ignoring the guidelines. Well, has there been an increase in Covid as a result of the mass gatherings or not? If not we are all being conned. It would be nice to get accurate information.

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