Campaigning for Public Office in the Age of the Coronavirus

US Elections Concept – United States Flag and Vote Badges 3D Illustration

I have written several postings related to Various topics including the military, Voting, the economy and religion in America. A list of links have been provided at bottom of this article for your convenience. This article will, however address additional issues in these topics.

Recent events have necessitated a further discussion on the election process. The Coronavirus Pandemic has by necessity put a limit on social gatherings. Under the original restrictions set up by the lock-down, the maximum number was 10 people, with social distancing in place. The left kept a tight rein on this restriction, until George Floyd was murdered by the Minneapolis police, and state sanctioned protests became common throughout the country. Because these protest groups aided the agenda of the left, they were okay. Nobody in the press complained that social distancing and masks requirements were not being met, and that the groups were in the thousands. The justification for these violations were that peoples’ rights were being violated and needed to be fought for. However, businesses in many northern cities were still be restricted. Unemployment numbers were still excruciatingly high. That was okay because the protesters were getting paid unemployment checks plus stimulus pay. We know have plenty of idle people to protest .

Not surprisingly that President Trump wants to start campaigning for office and holding large rallies, Crowds are an issue now. The left is going crazy. They are saying that he is jeopardizing the lives of thousands of people and we may have to go back to a lock down status. President Trump even had to move his venue for the Republican National Convention at the last minute from North Carolina to Florida. The double standards present here are amazing. The left doesn’t seem to care that they are interfering with the election process. Why should they care, they have turned “dirty politics” into an art form. They will fail, however, because they always “over play their hand“. They also give too little credit to the general population. While it is true, the numbers of Covid-19 cases are going up (we are testing larger bodies’ of people), the number of hospitalizations are going down. Don’t let the left and the media frighten you, do what is right, vote in November.

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