What Happens to President Trump If He Wins The Election, But He Loses the Senate?

I have written several articles voting. A list of links have been provided at bottom of this article for your convenience. This article will, however address different aspects on voting.

So the question is what happens if President Trump but the Republicans lose the majority in the Senate and are unable to re-take the House? I can tell you without a doubt He will be impeached and removed from office within 6 months. Whether not The new President Pence will follow soon afterwards is whether or not he caves into the left. While I think Pence is a good person, I don’t believe he has the strength of character to stand up to the Left. He will fold like a house of cards. Unless his conscience gets the better of him and he just steps down. That is a possibility. Either way this country will cease to exist within one year. The constitution will only be a memory and our two party system will cease to exist as all the remaining republicans shift their allegiances to the left. There is another scenario, what if the Republicans hold the Senate in 2020, but lose it in 2022. If this happens the impeachment scenario will only be delayed, but it will still occur.

I hope people come to their senses and do the right thing. The problem is with the voting process. If we rely on mail in ballots and Trump wins, there will be a fight that will last the whole 4 years of his presidency. They need to expand voting for the first week of November, increasing it to 5 days and increase the number of locations and stop this mass mail voting. Look at the photo below, tell me if there is a problem here. The counters don’t even to open up the damn envelope to know which one is a democratic or a republican ballot. Irregardless of the outcome of the election in November it is going mess. And 2020 will end with a big bang. By the way if you do a mail-in ballot, sign the damn ballot and turn it in on time. By the way I could not find any article on the internet that discussed my scenarios. Pretty short-sighted if you ask me. We can only hope that the Democratic party implodes before the election. You have a lot of alpha politicians with enormous egos hoping around right now.

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