What Will Happen If Biden Reverses Trump’s Accomplishments.

I have already listed in a previous posting all of President Trump’s Accomplishments while in Office. This article is a little different, I am  going to go through some of his key accomplishments and discuss what it will mean for the country if they are reversed or canceled by the Biden administration. For ease of reference and the reader, I have included the list again in the Addendum section.

One of the first things that Biden said he would do is to discontinue the Tax Cuts and Jobs Acts, thereby increasing taxes back to Obama levels and reducing family income by approximately $6,000. He also plans on increasing spending by $4 trillion dollars. Where is the money going to come from. Typical tax rates in socialist countries ranges well over 60%. This will slow down our economy substantially and as our net incomes drop so does our spending.

Trump lowered the corporate tax rates, which stimulated growth and production. These cuts will be reversed.

Costly regulations will be returned which increases the cost of doing business in this country. It was also one of the reasons that corporations moved overseas.

President Trump withdrew us from the Paris Climate Agreement, Biden is going to put us back in this mess. It will cost this country billions of dollars for very little return. If you want to improve our climate, simply plant trees, and educate the third world countries on environmentally sound farming. These countries are burning down our tropical rain forests in astounding numbers for farm land that is ruined in 5 years or less due to poor farming techniques.

Biden wants to put us back into NAFTA, which favors every country but ours. The only hope is that Biden won’t understand everything Trump has done for this economy and will leave some of his mandates in place.

Biden is going to drop the Tariffs on China, so they will start flooding our markets again. They will also be let off the hook for the pandemic.

They will initiate the green new deal, and reduce our use of oil and fossil fuels, including coal and natural gas. Fracking will be virtually eliminated. We will become dependent on other countries again for our fuel needs. Which will bring us back into all the messy politics of overseas countries. By increasing our  dependence on foreign oil, our deficits will increase again. With more money pouring out of our country than is coming in. This will weaken our dollar and economy further.

Biden is going to remove the restrictions on Iran, and start giving money back to them. They will have money now to fund international terrorism again.

Biden will return The Affordable Healthcare Act back to Obama standards, our costs for medical care will go back up, and the prices of medicine will increase. That is why the pharmaceutical companies dragged their feet with the vaccine. Pfizer just announced its vaccine after the election.  Too late to help President Trump.

Charter schools will eventually be banned, so we will become more dependent on our ineffective public schools.

Biden will halt the reduction of troops overseas. While reducing our military spending. Essentially making our military a paper tiger.

Biden wants to halt our southern border wall, and destroy the part that has been completed. He also wants to open our borders. Mexico has a much higher level of positive covid people, so they will come to the US for our superior medical care, thereby swamping and bankrupting our medical system. Why do you think California is bankrupt. They are a sanctuary state.

Biden will reverse all the restrictions on abortion, government will fund abortions again.

Many of the democratic liberals are for slave reparations, if this occurs our country will become bankrupt. Hopefully that does not get passed.

Isis was virtually eliminated, now there will be a resurgence of government sponsored terrorism in the world. With our weakened and overwhelmed military, Countries like Iran, North Korea, Russia and China will take advantage and start annexing additional territories. Europe will be too busy with their own Muslim issues. With Iran becoming a power again, unrest will return to the middle east.

Our country and our world will be in for some rough times.

Global Imperialism will return, though England will not be the dominant power. There will be power shifts, with China Being the likely winner. Muslim controlled countries will definitely expand and so to may Hispanic controlled lands. America’s borders will shrink, as Mexico encroaches further from the south. Hispanics already outnumber blacks as the dominant minority group. With our southern borders being opened, and Spanish families being larger, our country will eventually be overrun. Our country never adopted English as our official language, I believe it is too late now.

I know that this world map is pretty crude. In my defense, I am not a graphic designer or artist. But I think you can get the point by the map. Without the US as a dominant power in the world, we will have to concede some of borders to the inevitable spread of the Hispanic peoples. However, we will return to our imperialistic roots and will take over the weaker country of Canada as our southern borders shrink. Russia will take back Alaska and will split Europe with the Muslims. The Muslims will take over all Africa and portions of Europe and England. China will take over all of Asia not already tear -marked by Russia, including Australia, the Philippines, Japan and Hawaii. The Hispanic people will take over all of South America, they pretty much have done so already, and move up into US, retaking their pre-1812 borders, Florida, Texas, California and many of the surrounding states. You may think that I am crazy, but this is already happening. Hawaii has a high percentage of Asian people living there already. Besides like tends to stay with like. Let me explain further. Cultures of similar heritages tend to stick together, that is why all the Asian countries will fall under Chinese domination, mostly because of economic reasons. Australia will fall in line, due to financial reasons. Some of the pacific Islands may stay under Muslim control. India may be strong enough to stand alone, but I doubt it. They will eventually fall under the Muslim rule, or possibly China. The future of India is a little fuzzy. But the Biden win will definitely have repercussions that will be felt for decades to come. Our only hope is that two lowly Congressmen from Georgia can stand strong. Never has so much been owed to so few.


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