Green New Deal, What the Hell, Part 2?

I have written several articles on postings related to politics. A list of links have been provided at bottom of this article for your convenience. This article will, however address different aspects on these political events.

This is another article on the Green New Deal (GND). Since my first commentary on the GND, more information has come to light. The left and Biden have finally released some of their visions for our future if they should win the presidency. These ideas are quite a hoot. These bombshells became public in the second presidential debate. Presidential hopeful Biden stated that he wanted to phase out all uses of fossil fuels, because they are bad for the environment. I guess the left doesn’t realize how insidious petroleum is in our society. Since the first discovery of crude oil, scientists and engineers have come up with countless uses for these fossil fuels. Prior to the discovery of oil, wood and coal were the main sources of fuel for steam engines, which by nature were bulky and were only suitable for large crafts and vehicles. Now with the invention of combustion engines and the discovery of a more concentrated fuel sources our culture has thrived and advanced rapidly.

Chemists soon discovered that petroleum could be used in many ways, the invention of plastics was one of these discoveries. This single use of oil, has revolutionized our world. You would find it hard to find a product made today that does not contain a least one plastic item in it. If we stop using petroleum based products what are we going to substitute for this highly versatile product?

As of now, renewable sources of energy are highly unreliable. Solar and wind power are not sources that you can rely on to power industry and vehicles. Electric cars are being touted as green vehicles. But where do you get the energy to charge the batteries? At this point in time electric cars are mostly hybrids with gas motors to kick in when the battery needs charging or when the speed requires more energy than the electric motor can generate. If we eliminate the use of fossil fuels, these cars and trucks will have no backup, which eliminates the ability of the car to charge itself when it is running on gas. So the ever brilliant Joe Biden said that we would have charging stations all over the country. I guess they will replace the gas stations. Sounds good, right? Not so fast, how long does it take to fill up a car or truck with fuel, even the biggest vehicles can be fueled up in less than 30 minutes. So now how long does it take to charge an electric car? The shortest duration is 4.5 hours and that is for a little 2 seater, hardly a family car. For an average car it takes closer to 10 hours. So far so good, right? Again, not so fast, how far can you go on a full charge? There are a lot of variables. The payload, and the area you are driving in. If you are driving in the desert, climbing mountains on a family vacation, how far do you think you will be able to go? I know when I am on a road trip out west, I average 65-75 miles per hour, with the AC going full blast, and loaded for bear. I am a strange person, I don’t like to drive more than 300 miles a day, when on a road trip vacation. But a lot of families drive much further than that in a day. This will no longer be possible. So lets be extremely generous and say that you can get 200 miles on a charge. What does that do for a trip? What are you going to do while you wait 10 hours for your vehicle to charge? That is provided that you can even find an available charging station. We won’t need thousands of charging stations but millions of them.

Where are we going to get the energy to charge 1,000,000’s of vehicles simultaneously all over the country? Besides who has a month to travel across the country? So you can see that road trips of any distance will go the way of the Dinosaur. So all the economy that relies on car travel will dry up. All the hotels and motels all along our highways will go out of business. All of the lesser amusement parks and tourist sites will close up as well. Nobody will be able to travel to all of our wonderful National and State Parks.

So far this discussion has only taken into account family road trips. What about commercial travel? How do the semis which are the arteries of our country get from point A to B? The transport of perishable foodstuffs require rapid transportation. Produce won’t last 30 days while our trucks travel across the country. Not to mention the price of the produce. Even our railroads will be shut down, unless we return to steam. So what will eventually happen is that everybody will migrate to cities with high rise buildings. That is the only way electric cars will be effective. So maybe the super cities that are depicted in movies like Blade Runner and The Fifth Element are not so far fetched after all. Rural America will disappear, unless we go back to horse power. Just think how inefficient farming was before the advent of gas powered tractors were? It took hours to harness up all the horses needed to pull the large plows that were common in the turn of the century. Do we really want to go back to those times?

Ok so we say that cars and trucks are no longer an option to travel across the country. I know the answer to this problem, the airplane. I say, not so fast. They are also powered by fossil fuels. So they will be all grounded. What about travel across the oceans? Sail powered crafts worked okay for our forefathers, but there was a limit to how big of a ship could be powered by wind. Our super sized ships are just too big to be powered this way. So no more trade goods from other countries, or they will be at the very least greatly reduced. So no more planes and ships and no more space ships either, so all of our satellites will eventually become obsolete and fall into disuse. So our cell phones will eventually stop working as our communication satellites breakdown and with no way to replace them our communication system and the internet will fade away. I wonder if Big Tech is really thinking about how many things are tied to our fossil fuels.

I mentioned earlier about super cities, that may not be even possible. These buildings are all built by fuel powered pieces of equipment, ie bulldozers, earthmovers, cranes and so on. I guess we can live in wooden buildings. But our forests are not large enough to provide the lumber for all these buildings. Besides who is going to hand cut down all these trees, remember no chainsaws. Besides how do we get the lumber to the cities?

Do you want me to go on a little more? So now we have no way to travel, even the production of bicycles requires fuel to build them. So I guess we will have to walk. Oh no, what about shoes and clothes, a lot of our clothes and shoes rely on petroleum to produce, ie rubber, plastics and nylon and polyester. I guess we will have to rely on wool and cotton and leather. Not so fast, AOC And Kamala Harris say that farm animals are bad for the environment, because they produce methane gas when they fart. So no cows and no sheep which means no leather or wool.

Let us not forget about solar and wind power. Aren’t they good for something? Ok lets us think about our winters, in most northern states there is very little sunlight during the winter months. Even worse is the plight that states like Alaska and countries close to the artic circle will be in. They have very long nights during the winter months. They certainly don’t have enough sun to heat their houses. Well we still have wind, right? How do you even build the damn things? The same thing goes with the solar panels. Wherever there are moving parts you need lubrication to keep them working. That means either grease (oil) or Silicone (oil), I guess we are out of luck there as well. Well we still have wood for heat, right? How long do you think our forests will last if we cut them down for all of our buildings, to use in our new steam powered trains and fireplaces for heat? Not very long. We can replant trees, remember they are renewable. It takes 20 to 25 years for a forest to be ready for harvest. So I guess all those people living in Canada and the northern states will move south. Well it gets pretty damn hot in the south, so you need AC. At least you have lots of sunlight, so solar power will help. However you might just run out of land, what with all the mass migration of northerners. You need a lot of land for all these solar panels and windmills, if you can keep them running.


Whew I am tired. You know what, I didn’t cover all the other ways that our lives will be effected. I would need a book to cover all them. So is there a bright side to all this doom and gloom? Firstly, no wonder the left are always so angry, they know what our future holds in stock for us. The solution is to vote all these idiots out of office, regulate Big Tech and stop protecting them with section 230. Start suing all the news stations for inciting riots and spreading defamatory stories about our leaders and citizens.

There is another way to fix this problem. It begins with education. We have to help the third world countries that are rapidly deforesting our world. They are burning down our forests to make room for farm land. However they are using poor techniques and the land is becoming barren after just a few years of farming. The forests they are cutting down help reduce the CO2 and they also produce O2 that we need to survive. So we need to save these forests and they need to be taught about the importance of conservation. It has been shown that large forests can actually increase rain fall. We can also reclaim the barren soil by planting sod and other crops that help to restore the depleted nitrogen in the soil. We can teach the importance of rotating crops and allowing the land to take a break, by leaving some fields fallow. There are drought tolerant crops that thrive in semi arid climates. We can also plant drought tolerant trees, like mesquite trees, cacti and Joshua trees. These all help to absorb CO2. We have been too shortsighted in our raping of our planet. It is now time to restore our planet to its pristine state. We need to clean up our oceans and plant forests throughout the world. If our oceans are healthy and our forests are pervasive around the world, our CO2 levels will drop.

However, we need to improve the efficiency of our fuel use and reduce the pollutants that are produced. We can also reduce our reliance on harsh insecticides and fertilizers. We are harming our rivers and groundwater by runoff. The future is not bleak if we use our brains and stop listening to the left with their not so hidden agendas.

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