Should We Be Afraid of China, Our Asian Competitor?

I have written several articles on postings related to politics. A list of links have been provided at bottom of this article for your convenience. This article will, however address different aspects on these political events.

The resounding answer is YES! China is a communist country. The ultimate goal of communism is the domination of the world. China intends to succeed where the Soviet Union failed. They are using economic warfare and propaganda instead of utilizing the military like the Soviet Union. I believe they have recently added biological warfare to their repertoire. I am referring to Covid-19. The acknowledged origin for the virus is the Wuhan Province in China. Little else is known about its true origins. Did it come from a lab or did it come from a wet market? According to the prevailing belief it was not modified or weaponized. However, as a side note it’s target specificity is quite remarkable. I will address this in another article. China knew in the fall of 2019 they had a problem with a contagious virus that infected people and kept it a secret. They isolated the Wuhan Province from the rest of China and only allowed traffic to other countries. Several million Chinese citizens traveled all over the world spreading this deadly contagion. Was this by design, I say yes. China bullied countries into letting its infected citizens enter there borders, Italy being one of the early victims. The reason for this tactic, President Trump was clamping down on China. They were no longer getting there way and as a result were feeling some pain. I am sure my readers have heard the old saying “misery loves company”, well China was in Pain. They had virus that had infected a heavily populated portion of there country, they were hurting financially, so why not spread the misery and make everybody feel their pain. Sounds plausible to me, what do you think?

The communist party in China are very patient and crafty and they have all the time in the world. In our country the President can only serve for at the most 10 years. That is if he starts off as the VP and he replaces the President before he finished his 1st 2 years and then gets elected twice. But usually just 8 years. So, the president has a finite amount of time to make his/her mark. Long term planning doesn’t come into play here. I think this is a weakness in our government. But it was intended to be that way, because we don’t like dictators. China like many other countries has a leader who rules for life. Xi Jinping can make long term plans, he has plenty of time to accomplish them. China like Japan subsidizes there industries. That is why it is so hard to play on an even field. Our companies don’t stand a chance, unless they get some help. Prior to President Trump, they have received little help from our government. China has an almost inexhaustible supply of cheap labor, virtually unlimited funds thanks to the trade deficits it enjoys with many countries. So it can help its major corporations quite a bit. China also doesn’t play fair. They steal intellectual property, they bribe political leaders and they use espionage. They have huge forces of highly skilled hackers available to infiltrate computer networks throughout the world. They have an authoritarian form of government, they control almost all aspects of its peoples lives. They have limited access to the internet, there cell phones are set up so they are monitored continuously and via GPS there every move is tracked. There citizens are brain washed and sent out to infiltrate colleges and companies throughout the world so that they can steal technological information. They bribe the colleges so that they will be given preferential treatment. These universities become little fiefdoms for the communist party, where negative Chinese sentiment is not tolerated. They give financial incentives to politicians, via lucrative investment deals so they will look the other way when they are robbing our country blind. There hackers also monitor the internet so that they can use propaganda to mold the American opinion to favor there country. These activities are being carried on all over the world as well. It is worse in poor third world countries. They end up controlling major segments of these countries. The country becomes indebted to China, with no hope of paying the debt, so they give mineral and oil rights for example to China. Or they end up owning complete harbors.

The Belt and Road Initiative (BRI) is a plan to link China with 65 countries in Central Asia, Africa, the Middle East and parts of Europe. This plan would pretty much take out the USA from the scope of influence with these countries and make China the dominate power there. They are also trying to dominate the 5G market for cell phones. Guess who is standing in the way, our very own Pentagon. They say the bandwidth being used for the standard is too close to there military bands. Thereby compromising there communications. If we cave to this way of thinking we will be the only country with a non standard band width for the 5G, thereby isolation us from the rest of the world. This would mean that China would now be the world power and we would be relegated to the level of a secondary power with few friends or allies. We can’t let this happen. We are fighting a losing battle because the Democratic party, and most of the Media and Press are in the pocket of China. If Biden wins the presidential election, our country as we know it will be over. Yes, President Trump is not perfect and has a lot of faults, as we all do. We have to put aside all our animosity towards him and do what is best for the country and re-elect him in the 2020 election. We also need to see that the Republican party maintains control of the Senate and takes back the House of Representatives. If he wins the election but the Democrats win control of the Senate he will be impeached within 6 months. And Pence will follow him closely if he doesn’t cave to the left. Pelosi would take control of the government. The same as if Biden won the election. Don’t forget China and Russia want President Trump to lose, so he can’t be all that bad.

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