How Covid-19 is Spread, Who Needs WHO?

I have written several articles on the coronavirus and on masks and healthcare issues. A series of links have been provided at the bottom of this article for your convenience. This article will, however address a different aspect of the virus or on healthcare issues in general.

There is a question about whether asymptomatic people can spread the disease or if you have to be symptomatic. As I have stated in my previous article about mask wearing, Covid is spread by sneezing and coughing, little or no transmission is by contact. Covid-19 is a virus just like the Flu, it behaves the same way. It is not the boogy man and is not possessed of special powers. If you have the Flu it usually take a few days to even a week for the symptoms to kick in. Does this mean you are not contagious, it does not .That is how the flu gets spread so easily, you don’y know you have it right away. However, because you are not coughing and sneezing the distances for transmission have to be much closer and for a more prolonged duration. You have to repeatedly breathe on the unsuspecting person. Like something you would do with your children or your spouse. Kissing someone on the mouth is a guaranteed way to transfer the flu. That is why your loved one or spouse always gets it. It seems to make a couple of rounds through your household before it winds down.

The covid-19 virus is transmitted the same way. Once it infects the body that is where the differences arise. So social distancing works and masks help to slow down the spread by reducing the force of the sneeze, cough or breathing so the virus does not travel so far. I discussed the benefits of masks in a previous article. So in short you can spread the covid-19 virus if you are asymptomatic, you just have to be closer and for a longer period of time. Unless of course, you are engaged in kissing or sharing drinking glasses, tooth brushes or eating utensils, in other words intimate contact. Covid-19 can survive on surfaces, but only for a limited time, just like the flu virus. They are closely related, so they are transmitted in very similar manners.

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