Hydroxychloroquine Is It A Medication of the Devil?

I have written several articles on the coronavirus and on masks. A series of links have been provided at the bottom of this article for your convenience. This article will, however address a different aspect of the virus. Links for Dr. Fauci are also provided.

I am being facetious, of course it is not. I will call it Hydroxy for short. Hydroxy has been around for over 50 years. It has been used for a number of ailments and as an anti- viral. Millions of people have taken untold numbers of these pills without any ill effect. Endocrinologists don’t even do cardiac monitoring when they adm the med, with doses much higher than that being used for the treatment of Covid-19. Azithromycin is another drug that has been administered to millions of people with few problems or side effects. There have been numerous studies done, proving that when taken appropriately as ordered by medical doctors this tandem treatment has improved the prognosis of Covid-19 patients.

The whole problem has arisen because President Trump recommended Hydroxy early in the Pandemic. He even took it profilactically. If any other person recommended it there would be no issues. It immediately became a political issue when he recommended it. It was also dealt a death blow when Dr. Fauci spoke out against it. I have discussed Dr. Fauci in a previous article. He has been wrong more than he has been right and has ulterior motives. It has been taken out of the hands of the medical professional. There was a temporary moratorium enacted by the FDA, when they stated that it could be used in a non formulary manner. They just ended that decree. Nice timing considering that there has been a recent uptick in the number of hospital admissions for Covid-19.

Politicians have enough issues to take care, without getting involved in the medical arena. Leave medicine to the doctors.

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