Covid-19, Just the Facts, Please.

I have written several articles on the coronavirus and on masks. A series of links have been provided at the bottom of this article for your convenience. This article will, however address a different aspect of the virus.

This is going to be a short blog, I have already discussed how Covid-19 is spread and how masks work to reduce the affects of covid in previous blog articles. As a blogger I can only get my message out to so many people, I don’t have the coverage that the President or Congress has. If more people read my postings on the subject maybe there would be less confusion on it. Lone Wolf Fauci is not helping the matter, with a different story every time he holds a press conference. This is what I want from the government. I am sure I am not alone in these wishes. I want the Covid Response team to hold a press conference and discuss the subject of how it is spread, what the benefits of masks are. Be honest , and explain the differences in masks and how they work. I want them to post accurate numbers for each age group on infections and deaths only related to covid. I want them to tell the truth about hospital beds. No hysteria. I want this press conference to be based on a consensus of the majority of virological, experts from not only the U.S. but Europe and China As well. If we can get this accomplished, just maybe we can put the hysteria to rest. We the people deserve to get accurate information, not ten different BS stories. FYI, hospitals only make money with occupied beds, If there ICU is not full of ICU patients they will fill it full of less critical patients, so their staff can work and keep their jobs. This message goes out to the media, stop lying to the public about hospital beds. I work in the ICU, I know the truth.

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