Give an Inch Take a Mile, the Age of Aquiescence.

I have written several articles on postings related to politics. A list of links have been provided at bottom of this article for your convenience. This article will, however address different aspects on these political events.

The more we give in to the far left, the more they will take. They do not respect weakness , they only respect overwhelming strength. This is evidenced by what happened in Minneapolis, Seattle, New York City and many other cities throughout our country. In Minneapolis, the mayor ordered the police to dessert the third precinct, which was promptly burned down by the looters. When he later refused to defund the police, he was booed off the stage. In Seattle, six city blocks were confiscated by armed insurgents. They turned it into a no cop zone. The residents are basically hostages there. In Atlanta two cops involved in a fatal shooting of an armed black man were accused of murder by the DA before the investigation was even finished. Mayors and governors in Democratic states throughout the country are relinquishing control to looters and rioters. We need to take back our country. Our country was founded on freedom of speech we are letting special interest groups and tech companies run by China to censor our speech. If we say anything that these groups don’t like we are labeled racist and xenophobic. Critics of China are being blocked in social media, fired from there jobs and vilified by the media. In order for me to get these words out, I had to start my own blog, which I pay for. This gives me some semblance of free speech. It seems that today the only people that matter are black people. We all matter, skin color should play no part in our politics. I know that this country was built on the backs of black people, it was also built on the backs of Chinese, Irish, German and many other peoples. The wages they received were barely enough to survive on, and there living conditions were abhorrent. During the industrial revolution, minors worked 16 hour days, 6 days a week, with poor ventilation and in unbearable heat. Nobody is still alive from those times. I don’t believe it is fair to hold our current population responsible for events that occurred when they were not even alive. We need to remember our history, and learn from it. We can’t forget, but we also need to move on. We can no longer tolerate intolerance. Hate and violence solves nothing, and destroying our country helps no one. We need to put our differences aside and work together to build a better society, based on freedom of speech, unbiased behavior and a blindness to skin color.

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