Essential and Non Essential Businesses? Blast From the Past or Not.

I have written several articles on postings related to politics. A list of links have been provided at bottom of this article for your convenience. This article will, however address different aspects on these political events.

Essential Businesses: Healthcare and Hospitals, Abortion Clinics, Supermarkets and grocery stores, Big-box stores, Pharmacies, Convenience stores and discount stores, Garbage Collection, Healthcare operations, Daycare centers, Hardware stores, Gas stations and auto-repair shops, Banks, Post offices and shipping businesses, Veterinary clinics and pet stores, Farmer’s Markets and food banks, Shelters for disadvantaged people, Educational institutions for the purpose of distance learning, Agriculture and food processing, Warehousing, storage and distribution, Transportation including airlines, taxis and rideshare programs and vehicle rentals, Businesses that allow essential businesses to operate.

Nonessential Businesses: are generally recreational in nature. Churches, Theaters, Gyms and recreation centers, Salons and Spas, Museums, Casinos and Racetracks, Shopping Malls, Bowling alleys, Sporting and concert venues. The following vary from state to state: Restaurants and bars, Liquor stores*, Industrial manufacturing not related to essential function, construction, Labor Unions, Marijuana dispensaries*, Gun Stores and Home Office Supply Stores. All elective surgery, tests and procedures.**

*considered essential in most states

**essential/non essential procedures

Non essential items not allowed for sale in many states include: consumer electronics, furniture, sporting equipment, arts and crafts, beauty, carpet, flooring, clothing, entertainment (books, movies, music), home and garden, jewelry, paint, photo services and toys.

We all thought of these restrictions as a thing of the past, are now coming back due to the spiking in corona cases. Let’s hope the Mayors and governors in these states are more circumspect and less draconian in their implementations of restrictions . One thing that needs to occur in spite of the increased numbers of corona cases, is that our schools need to re-open. I hope that each state’s electorates remember all the injustices perpetrated by these elected officials and are voted out of office in November.

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