Police Handing Out Tickets, Why?

We all know why traffic cops hand out tickets. There are a couple of reasons; (1) it is a revenue source, (2) It is a deterrent and supposedly the fear of paying a large fine will induce drivers to follow the traffic laws and also city parking restrictions. What it in fact does is drive a wedge between the police and the general population. When people see a cop car they become fearful, they tend to over compensate with there driving and slow down the flow of traffic unnecessarily so. In cities with limited parking, “meter maids” handing out parking tickets only tends to exacerbate an already difficult situation. When people are running late they are in a hurry and will likely take the first place they see to park, even if it is an illegal spot and will result in a ticket. They would rather pay a fine than be late to work, especially if they have a poor attendance record. You are basically penalizing people that are trying to earn a living. These practices drive a further wedge between city dwellers and there police force. When ion fact the city should be addressing the parking situation, by offering park and ride services for its residents.

The police have a very difficult job to do, they are asked to fulfill many duties that they little or no training for and as a result not prepared to handle. First you are basically asking them to be tax collectors, which everybody hates. You are asking them to be councilors and social workers. You are asking them security guards, investigators and the list goes on. They are often over worked, under paid and unappreciated. They are often rebuked by their local government. They are never complimented for good work only penalized for poor work. Thousands of good deeds are overshadowed by one bad deed. Give the cop a break and stop making them act as a revenue source. These have been my thoughts for some time, and have become more mainstream in the media, as evidenced in a recent monologue by Fox News personality Jessie Waters.

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