Teachers are Making Decisions Based on Politics

I have written several articles on Education. A list of links have been provided at bottom of this article for your convenience. This article will, however address different aspects on education.

Teachers no longer have the best interest of their students any more. If they did, they would not block all options for education except for home schooling. Nurses and doctors have been taking care of positive Covid-19 patients for over 5 months now. I know, I am an ICU nurse and have personally taken care of over 100 positive Covid-19 patients. If we can do this safely, they can teach healthy students. Where a damn mask, face shield and gloves if need be. I wear this gear 12 hours a day. They know they can do it safely. Europe has opened their schools months ago. Why do I say it is political? They don’t even want to do remote teaching, for one. Secondly, they are trying to block the opening of Charter schools, and private schools. Opening these schools does not endanger the public school teacher’s health in any way. So the question is, why are they doing it? Politics, is the answer. Public Schools and teachers have been leaning towards the left for over a 100 years now. What has changed now, is that they are galvanized together, because of a perceived enemy, President Trump. They also have a Pandemic they can blame everything on. It provides a plausible excuse. Everybody loves children. So we have to do everything to protect the children. The problem is that their argument doesn’t play out. Children are at greater risk from being isolated. They are facing malnourishment, increased child abuse, depression from isolation and the unhealthy environment of being closed up in their homes, with little fresh air or any way to exercise. If teachers cared for their charges, they would move heaven and earth to open up their schools. The closures are causing irreparable harm to special needs children as well. Even the slightest change in their schedules can set them back indefinitely. Where progress is often measured in months, not hours or days. Children that become infected only experience mild symptoms. If they become infected, they can still go to school, just cohort them, while they are there.

This is a posting from the New York Times. Open up the schools. If they can’t figure it out, do a teleconference with any of the thousands of schools that have opened in the rest of the world.

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