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What Happened to Seal Team Six?

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This information just came to my attention, I have never heard of this incident. I guess it has been suppressed all this time, or at least an attempt was made to suppress it. First of all,  my condolences go out to all the families that were affected by this horrible event. I hope time has helped to soften the blow a little. I know they were navy seals, and they went into every mission with death as a possible outcome, it still does not make it any easier to deal with. I know you can’t see it but i said a silent prayer for you. I always wanted to be a seal team member myself, but my vision required correction, and you have to have 20-20 vision. 

On May 2, 2011, SEAL Team 6 (allegedly) infiltrated the compound of Osama Bin Laden in Pakistan, a raid during which he died. The following points of interesting info make the events all the more intriguing.

Seal Team Six Doesn’t Even Exist

Not officially, anyway. Like 1950s spy novel heroes, their objectives are “secret missions”, classified and hushed. As a special forces group, their name isn’t confirmed or acknowledged by the Pentagon. Overseen by the Joint Special Operations Command, they are protected from scrutiny of any kind. Seal Team 6 has irked NATO and others by supposed use of excessive force and civilian death, but the only entity allowed to investigate such claims is the JSOC itself.  According to a former State Department legal advisor, “This is an area where Congress notoriously doesn’t want to know too much.”

There are A Lot More than Six

There are around 300 troops referred to as ‘operators’ supported by 1500 other members.  The original group, formed in 1980 in the wake of a hostage crisis failure, included only 90 soldiers. When they are in action, there are usually two teams of roughly 30 operators.

They Worry that they are Losing their Elite Edge

In recent years, Seal Team 6 operators feel that the missions they are carrying out aren’t of as much importance as they used to be and that they are being overused, which has resulted in a major spike in deaths among its members compared to years past.

Using SEAL Team 6 is Easier and Less Risky

Sending in the team to get things done is quicker and less expensive than sending in ground troops for temporary or longer occupation. Additionally, you can’t be held accountable for the actions of something that doesn’t exist in the first place. Keeping their operations secret from both the public and international parties makes certain that there isn’t anything the US government might have to face consequences for. The team was created in part to operate outside the boundaries of military law. Former SEAL and Senator Bob Kerrey puts it this way “They have become sort of a 1-800 number anytime somebody wants something done.”

Capturing Jackpot with Neptune’s Spear

Bin Laden’s compound

The official name of the operation in which SEAL Team 6 raided Osama Bin Laden’s compound was Operation Neptune Spear. The name is a reference to the SEAL insignia. Bin Laden’s code name was ‘Jackpot’ or ‘Geronimo’, although some sources say that ‘Geronimo’ was code for Bin Laden if captured or dead.

SEAL Team 6 Had Help

There was more than one elite team present for Neptune Spear. The Green Berets were also in attendance as well as a few CIA operatives. The Green Berets and SEAL Team 6 are both Tier One Counter Terrorism groups along with Delta Force.

Bin Laden’s Compound Didn’t Exactly Meld into its Surroundings

Aerial view of Osama bin Laden’s compound in the Pakistani city of Abbottabad made by the CIA.

If someone built a big house with a giant wall in your neighborhood, you might wonder who’s living there, right? Add close proximity to a military school and the fact that no one comes or goes and the secretive residents burn all of their trash, and you might start to get a little suspicious.

Osama Bin Laden’s house was in a normal Pakistani neighborhood that happened to be less than a mile from a military school. The large three-story house was built around 2004 and included surrounding walls that were up to 18 feet high and sported two security gates all of which enclosed a lot eight times larger than the rest of the plots in the area. While everyone else in the neighborhood enjoyed normal trash pick up, the compound burnt all of its refuse. It also had no internet or landline phone.

The Jury’s Out on Whether the Order Was to Kill Bin Laden

As stated above, the SEALS are supposed to have justifiable reason and are not sent to “execute.” Some sources said that the operation Neptune Spear was to “capture or kill” Bin Laden – depending on whether or not he posed a threat or surrendered.

Other sources say that it was a kill operation and that ‘capture’ wasn’t a consideration. One official recalled that SEAL Team 6 was told that Bin Laden had been located and that their job was to kill him.

The Aftermath

Why are 22 members of Navy SEAL Team 6 dead shortly after their unit killed Osama bin Laden?

Talk show host Michael Savage is relentless in his pursuit to uncover the truth about why all the members of the Seal team that ‘took out Bin Laden’, have died.

“They were killed. They were assassinated. They were executed. Or it was done because there’s a moron working inside the Defense Department who did it to them,” Savage said.

“How could we lose more men in one mission than in the entire history of the Navy SEALS, and no one has been held accountable for it?” he asked.

One father of one of the SEALs told Savage in a radio interview he believed the U.S. government sent his son and his colleagues to their deaths. Claiming that on at least three separate occasions his son grabbed him by the bicep and announced that he had prepared his will, knowing that he and his SEAL team were going to meet his demise.

“They knew,” the father states. “They knew something was up. Every one of them.”

In the opening hour of his inaugural East Coast drive-time show, Michael Savage signaled he has no intention of abandoning his passion for uncovering the full story behind the deaths of 22 members of Navy SEAL Team 6 in Afghanistan shortly after it was leaked that their unit killed Osama bin Laden.

The subject came up for a second time in the show when a regular listener said she liked the fact that he covered subjects no one else on talk-radio seemed to be talking about.

“They were killed. They were assassinated. They were executed. Or it was done because there’s a moron working inside the Defense Department who did it to them,” Savage said.

“Either way, somebody should go to prison for this.”

Savage called the August 2011 Taliban shootdown of the CH-47D Chinook helicopter that killed all 38 passengers “one of the greatest military scandals in American history.”

“How could we lose more men in one mission than in the entire history of the Navy SEALS, and no one has been held accountable for it?” he asked.

Savage had further questions:

“Who put them in an old slow-flying helicopter in a combat zone?”

“Why didn’t they break them up into fast-strike helicopters?”

“Who made this decision in the Defense Department?

“Who made it in the Obama administration?”

“These are questions, man, and I want them answered, and I want a hearing; and you want to hear equality, you want to hear fairness? How about fairness to the families whose hearts are broken by somebody in the Obama administration who killed those Navy SEALs? Would that be equality?”

Rep. Jason Chaffetz, R-Utah, said last month that the House Committee on Oversight and Government Reform will hold a hearing early this year to investigate the disaster.

Savage noted on his show Thursday that he dedicated his novel “A Time for War” to the SEALs to try “to awaken America.”

In July, as WND reported, the father of one of the SEALs told Savage in a radio interview he believed the U.S. government sent his son and his colleagues to their deaths.

After Vice President Joe Biden revealed that SEAL Team 6 carried out the operation that killed Osama bin Laden in May 2011, Strange said the members of his son’s team gave startling indications to their families they were about to meet their demise.

Charles Strange, the father of slain SEAL Michael Strange, told Savage that in June 2011, on at least three separate occasions his son grabbed him by the bicep and announced that he had prepared his will.

The bewildered father finally was able to find out what it all meant.

Michael Strange, his father recalled, said: “Something’s going on with the team. Somebody’s leaking things out. Something’s going on.”

Savage, reacting with emotion, asked: “Your son knew he was being sent to his death?”

“They knew,” Strange replied. “They knew something was up. Every one of them.”

Other families of the victims have reported similar experiences with their sons the last time they saw them, Strange said.

Strange said documents related to the crash that he obtained show that, among other anomalies, the rescue team was held back.

“This was all planned,” he said. “I have it in the paperwork.”

Strange affirmed that there was no chase helicopter or any other kind of support for the team.

“So, you’re saying they planned to execute your son and the others on purpose?” Savage asked.

“One hundred percent, sir,” Strange replied.


Prompted by the concerns expressed by family members, Chaffetz said his subcommittee on the House Oversight and Government Reform Committee is investigating the crash.

As WND reported in May, Strange recalled to the National Press Club in Washington his experience with President Obama at Dover Air Force Base in Delaware Aug. 9, 2011, when the remains of 30 U.S. troops were brought home from Afghanistan.

He leaned over to whisper into Obama’s ear to ask if there would be a congressional investigation into the death of his son.

President Obama whispered back, “We will look very, very, very deep into this.”

But Strange said he hadn’t heard a word since that encounter.

The families have filed a lawsuit against Obama, Vice President Biden, the Taliban, the governments of Afghanistan and Iran, because the Islamic regime promises to pay $10,000 for every dead U.S. service member.

Among their many suspicions, the families question the sudden replacement of seven Afghan commandos on board the helicopter just before takeoff. The seven who died in the attack are not the seven listed in the flight manifest. The families say that to this day, they don’t know the identities of the dead Afghans.

Strange noted that the chopper’s black box was never recovered and doubts the explanation that it was washed away in a flash flood.

It sounds like they were sacrificed to prevent a wholesale war in the middle east. This should have never happened. I am sure Both Obama, Biden and Hiliary Clinton had something to do with it. They see the military as an expendable asset to use and discard at will. I know they will never be punished for their actions while they walk this earth, I can only hope that there is retribution in the afterlife.

Resources:, “Michael Savage: SEAL Team 6 was assassinated, executed,” By Michael Savage;, “Facts about Seal Team 6 and the Death of Osama Bin Laden,” By Jinny McCormick;


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