Voter Reform, My Final Words

I have written several postings related to Various topics including the military, Voting, the economy, religion and etc in America. A list of links have been provided at bottom of this article for your convenience. This article will, however address additional issues in these topics. I have written several articles on postings related to Reform in America. A list of links have been provided at bottom of this article for your convenience. This article will, however address additional areas rife for reform.

Unless you are a deaf mute or are a rabid leftist you can’t  deny that during the 2020 presidential election serious issues arouse. I know many of these issues were created intentionally by the democrats so that it would be easier to cheat. So now we have to make some changes to offset the shenanigans they pulled. All of which were unconstitutional,  I might add. Since the covid pandemic arose, it has become evident that we needed a little more flexibility in our voting rules. The problem is, they went too far. So I am going to put forth my plan for fixing the problem.  There has been a few proposals made and some states have actually passed some legislation.  But I feel that they don’t address some of the  basic problems we have.

Firstly, most voters agree that we need a picture ID to vote. It just makes sense. Even if you don’t drive, every state offers the option of getting a basic photo ID. In most cases they are very cheap. So stop the griping and get an ID, so you can vote safely and securely 

The major problem that arises in todays society is that we as a people are highly mobile. One of the things that we fail to update is our voter registration. Also, even if you update your voter registration , there is no guarantee that it actually has been updated and your old account deleted. You may be registered in several cities or states and not realize it. If we keep on sending mass mailings without regards for accuracy, anyone receiving your ballot in the mail at one of your old addresses, can vote using your data. This is easy now, since many of the states don’t require Identification for mail-in ballots. Here is my solution for this conundrum. We need state databases that are tied to A federal voting database. This way any changes made in your voting status will automatically update the federal database. This sounds simple, but there are a few things that need to be done to make it work. Whenever changes are mad, flags need to go up at the federal database. The federal database needs to be the governing database to make sure that duplicates at the state level are not used. Once you vote in one district you are automatically blocked from voting in another district. This is done by the federal database. So when a duplicate pops up due to an address change, a tech needs to insure that the old accounts are deleted, that is why the federal database needs to have the overall control. This cannot be done at the state level.

There is a problem with the voting process, whether it be in person or by mail in, the ballots once filled out are anonymous. When a mail-in envelope is separated from the ballot there is no way to know who made the selections. The same holds true for the printed or computer generated in person ballots. It makes the audit process very difficult. This process needs to change. Your name and a unique scan bar with a time and date stamp needs to be attached to each ballot whether it be requested as a mail-in ballot, or you enter your selections in person. When you vote in person, your name, date and time and your unique scan bar, which never changes from your first time of voting follows you. This is where the federal database works. No ballot can be accepted without a name and a unique scan bar. If you try to resubmit your ballot it will be kicked out because the name and scan bar combination will be immediately blocked by the federal database. The database will also ensure that the voter is in fact living in the United states and is a legal resident.

As I stated earlier, the Covid-19 Pandemic stressed our voting system. The pandemic also gave unscrupulous politicians a means to make deleterious changes in our voter system. There form ideas I have discussed have taken care of all but the last one. The matter of how long and when can the voter vote till. Will votes be counted after election day for instance? I believe mail in ballots should be allowed one month prior to election day. I also believe that in person voting should be allowed 2 weeks prior to election day. Because of these generous changes, no ballots should be accepted after midnight on the election day. With the data on the actual ballot now, this process will be easy. Because the counting machines will now be able to differentiate late ballots by the time and date stamps and will be subsequently kicked out.

Yes these changes will cost extra money, but what cost is too high to preserve our way of life. This system can work with minor modifications for even the worst pandemic. Once the infrastructure is in place the costs will drop substantially for each election.

Another area that we can reform or election process, is to ban big tech involvement in the whole process. This is something that I have not addressed in my other election articles. It has come to my attention the Big Tech was funding election centers. Since almost all of big tech is left leaning I don’t see any problem here. In case you have just fell off the hay wagon, that was sarcasm. They have been buying off judges and election officials. So what is our government doing about this, the answer is nothing. When states try to clean up the mess by passing new laws regarding election reform, which by the way is allowed by our constitution, the federal government files lawsuits against them. We need to take all of our politicians, justice system, District attorneys, FBI, and CIA and ship them to a deserted island, and start from scratch.

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