Postings From Other Internet Sites: Part 9

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7/7/2021 6:10 PM

I just watched the news today, the FBI is requesting help in identifying more individuals involved in the January 6th Capital Building protests. Yes they were protestors and not insurrectionists. The only thing they were guilty of was being stupid. The only person killed was an protestor, Ashley Babbitt. Four other people died that day in Washington D.C. and they died of unrelated causes. If you have watched the videos, you can see that the actual instigators were Antifa agents. You can recognize them from their attire and their actions. There has been over 150 individuals arrested and the vast majority are still being incarcerated. Many of them have been refused bail, have not been charged and are in solitary confinement, with only 1 hour a day of fresh air. If you know some of these individuals, I can only beseech you to do what his right. Follow your heart. What they are doing is unconstitutional and illegal. The FBI and the Justice System are tools of the Left. They are no longer interested in protecting us and our constitutional rights.

7/7/2021 8:55 PM

Well its official Trump is suing Facebook, Twitter and Google for unlawful censorship. Go Trump. Anybody can get information on the class-action lawsuit by going to their website.


So is the White House taking all the bribes for President Joe Biden through paying for Hunter’s art work, LOL? So I guess they are laundering the bribes through the WH. Absolutely F__king amazing.they must think we are really dumb. Who in the hell would spend $500,000 for a Hunter Biden painting?


I guess the government has forgotten that we still only have emergency clearance for the vaccines for COVID-19. They can’t force you to take the virus. Even when it is passed by the FDA. I guess the have forgotten the over 100 million people who have gotten it already. So we have reached Herd Immunity now. What are the vaccinated people worried about?

7/11/2021 12:08 AM

So how many Caucasians out there think that they are the anti christ? How many think that they are racist? Apparently that is what our children being taught in the schools. That is why it is perfectly OK for the liberals and leftists can take what ever they want. They can shoot and kill us, because are evil and less than human. I think it is time the God fearing conservatives stand up for what is right and take back our country. Because if we don’t do something we won’t have a free country anymore. We will be living in a country like China.

7/11/2021 3;04 AM

You can only turn the other cheek once. In today’s society the more you give, the more they take. I believe you should treat everyone like you would want to be treated. So if someone punches me in the face, they must want to get punched right back. That is my religion.

7/12/2021 5:42 AM

I have decided that I am long over due for a rant. Mainly I want to rant because everything is pissing me off lately. Why in the F–k are the left pushing Socialism when Cuba and Venezuela are falling apart, China is a virtual police state and Russia is a hackers paradise, where you can assasinate your rivals with impunity. The level of intelligence exhibited by these individuals is mind boggling. Which leads me to the green new F–ked deal. How many times must we discuss this subject. We have one of the cleanest countries in the world. France maybe has cleaner air. The communist countries are sesspools. Our world is a closed system. It doesn’t matter where you get the oil from. We all breath the same air and drink the same water. Eventually, that is. So why give the money to Russia and the Middle East? That is really stupid. Now to the subject about racism. Enough with the bullshit. Our country is not systemically racist. And nobody but a f–king idiot likes or understands critical race theory. It is crap. You also can take your woke and cancel culture and shove it up your collective asses. If I failed to piss anybody off, I am sorry. It wasn’t from a lack of trying. So don’t feel left out our slighted, I am sure I will find some way to piss you off too.

7/12/2021 4:29 PM

Does anybody think it is wrong for us to be taking down our statues? I have been through most of our states, and I have actually photographed 100’s of these statues. Most of them are incredible works of art, they are also valuable records of our history. In no way are these statues lauding the actions of the people, they are simply regurging historical facts. In many cases these statues are the closet people get to actually learning about our history. Lets face it most history books are not as enjoyable to read as a good Patterson or Baldacci novel. The left knows this and it is an integral part of their cancel culture and is helping to lead our country down the socialist pathway. These statues were built with taxpayer dollars, we all have a say in preserving them.

7/13/2021 11:29 AM

There are an estimated 1,832 victims that die due to serial killers each year in the US. The U.S.A. has had the highest number of serial killers of any country in the world. 20 times that of England, who are our closest competitor. According to John Douglas, the former chief of staff of the FBI’s Elite Serial Crime Unit, there are between 35 and 50 active serial killers operating in the US at any given time.

7/13/2021 5:31 PM

I know I have been asking a lot of questions lately. Some of you may say that this is some form of abuse. But all I can say is, suck it up Buttercup. My first question is easy and as a matter of fact my second one is easy as well, so stop your whining. How many of you live in caves? Pretty simple, right? And second do you have some form of photo ID? This can be a Driver’s license, a State ID or a passport. I am guessing just about every one of you will say no to the first question. I will also go out on a limb and say your answer to the second question will be yes. Well, how did I do? So what the hell are the Democrats bitching about? What is wrong with proving your identity in what is arguably the most important thing we can do as a citizen of this country, voting? The answer is, there is not a damn thing wrong with it. So why do the Dems keep on beating this dead horse? The answer is simple, they can’t win the presidential election without cheating. The democratic party has nobody that can compete with either DeSantis our Trump. And we all know how much the Dems love power. So we have answered all of the questions posed in this article, with just a little bit of common sense. Why can’t the Dems do that? The answer is they can, they just chose not to do so. One more question, how many people think it is a good idea to eliminate the police? I say eliminate because that is what defunding is. I will discuss this question in my next posting.

7/14/2021 11:41 AM

So who thinks that defunding the police is causing the crime numbers in our country to go up? I believe that even when good people know that there will be no repercussions for their actions, they may be tempted to do unethical things. Bad people will certainly feel entitled to do illegal activities. So what do we expect to happen when criminals get a jail out of free pass, for all but the most heinous crimes? Thanks to our piss poor educational systems, children are raised to hold little regard for human life, so even murder and raped is not repulsive to them. Our DA’s and our mayors are turning our judicial system into a paper tiger.

7/16/2021 3:28 AM

I know people are still dying from covid-19, Supposedly most of the cases are of the delta variant. It is also apparent that most of the new cases are of this variant. There are a few getting covid after being vaccinated. These cases are mostly with individuals that have compromised immune systems. Their bodies just can’t take advantage of the vaccine. Unfortunately there is so much politicking going on with covid, that I have difficulty trusting very much that comes from Fauci or the Biden administration.

7/16/2021 4:34 AM

7/6/2021 6:22 AM

I have come to the conclusion that the only systemic racism that exists in this country is in the far far left, far far right and in BLM. These are small fringe groups that are a very small minority, that unfortunately have a powerful voice in America right now.

7/17/2021 6:38 PM

The United Nations is going to what!? Are we that stupid!? Just about every country in this world has slavery in its history and many still do. If they try to insist on us paying reparations, that will be the final straw. I kid you not.

7/17/2021 10:46 PM

Why do the democrats think it is racist to require an ID to vote? If that is the case all credit card compare racist, all banks are racist and congress is racist as well. Because you need an ID to get a credit card, open a bank account and one to enter the capital building in Washington DC. That is if you can even enter it anymore. Do they understand that you can get a photo ID in each state, for a few dollars? Most people have SS cards. Unless you are a hermit or live in a dumpster or under a bridge, chances are you have an ID. Even many homeless people have ID’S. Mainly, because they weren’t always homeless. They don’t want ID’S so it is easier to cheat. That is the only reason. They have proven that they can change or alter the outcome of any election by cheating.

7/18/2021 3:3[ AM

Unfortunately we have no control of our taxes. I can see our taxes going up and our free money going down. I am too old to bust my ass so a total stranger can get a free ride. If I am going to give money away, I at least want a say where it is going.

7/19/2021 5:23 PM

I have another question, when does one have enough power? When is enough, enough? I always heard that the president of the United States was the most powerful office in the world. So why does Biden or his successor want to be a dictator? Are world leaders so insecure or so power hungry that they can’t allow their people the right of self determination? We all know that a vast majority of our leaders are corrupt. They may not have entered office that way, but the temptation of untold wealth was too much. Is the answer insurrection? If you look at the history of the world, most armed insurrections resulted in military dictatorships. I don’t think this is the answer. I don’t want Anwar Sadat as my leader. I know we need to do something to protect our rights.

7/22/2021 11:59 AM

I am tired of politicians pissing in my corn flakes. 10,000s of people die every year from the flu, and while it is tragic, we don’t close down our country. We take proper precautions. If sick we stay at home or go and seek medical care if serious. Somehow we manage to get by without big brother telling us what to do. We are all responsible for ourselves. Why in the f__k are politicians stepping in and screwing with our lives now? Did the coronavirus pandemic make us brain dead? I feel like I still have my mental faculties. So guess what, leave me the f__k alone, and let me live my life. I am sure the rest of the people in this planet feel the same. What would the powers at be do, if we all decided to stop wearing masks? Would they arrest billions of people?

7/23/2021 9:12 AM

I know I have discussed this topic already. But I just can’t help myself. It just amazes me on how stupid politicians really are. Or maybe they are just so removed from reality that they don’t have a clue. I know one thing, our founding fathers did not for see career politicians. They expected people to serve their time in office and then go back to work in the private sector. They would have never understood people like Pelosi, Schumer and Biden who between them have close to 150 years of politics between them. I guess it is a syndrome that is a combination of stupidity, cluelessness, i don’t give a shit less and I know everything, that causes them to do the shit that they do. It seems to me that if you tell criminals that they can steal less than a $1,000 worth of goods without penalties that they will treat this like open season on the retailers. Guess what, this is exactly what is happening in California. And of course the politicians don’t understand why this is happening. So retailers are closing up shop and are moving out of the state in droves. Do you blame them. How can a retailer tolerate these kind of loses, well they can’t. Oh and I almost forgot, they have to pay their workers higher salaries, just to add insult to injury. I guess you could argue that they are trying to drive the small businesses out, but large retailers are being hit as well. So I have no clue what they are thinking. All I know is that they are clueless assholes.

7/24/2021 4:58 PM

The Chinese can’t produce enough food at home. So to bypass the middleman in the US, they are growing it here and shipping it home to China. They are cutting our farmers out of the loop. They are still buying all the supplies here. But we are losing out in a lot of revenues. We can’t stop farmers from selling their land. But what is forcing them to sell the land in the first place? Is it the death tax? Other countries own large portions of our country. We don’t control all of our ports anymore. I am worried that we will sell our national parks to China. If we do it they can come in and mine them and destroy them at will. Bill Gates has bought a ton of farm land. Why is he doing that? That is a concern to me as well.

7/25/2021 9:00 AM

Most of my friends on FB know that I am a ICU nurse. Well those that didn’t now know this to be true. I just finished my three 12 hour shifts taking care of COVID patients. I want to let you know that our numbers of COVID patients are almost to the peak levels of last year. And what you may find interesting, is that the vast majority of our COVID patients have not received the vaccine. This new variant is just as lethal as the original virus strain, but it seems to have even more tricks up its sleeves. Those that get seriously sick, seldom fully recover if at all. So guys think what you may, if you are elderly or have comorbidities, please get the vaccine. The life you save may be your own. I also want to make the following statements, I don’t think that healthy children are at any risk to get anything but a mild case of COVID, and if you have already recovered from the infection you also don’t need the vaccine. Don’t let people bully you into getting the vaccine unnecessarily. Any vaccine does have its risks, anyone saying otherwise is mistaken. Besides being a nurse for close to 20 years, I have also done an inordinate amount of research on COVID and vaccines. You may find the fruits of that research in my blog I am in the process of writing another article on why people are afraid of vaccines, which will be posted in the next week or so.

7/25/2021 5:27 PM

Since I had just come off three twelve hours shifts I was A little tired, and I forgot one of the things I wanted to say. Viruses whether they are RNA or DNA strand viruses have a much shorter life cycle and a much higher mutation rate, as compared to people, To can see evidence in the yearly flu season. I get a flu vaccine every year, because there are new strains of the flu out every year. It just mutates that fast. Nobody expects last years vaccine to protect them from the new strains that come out. The more people that get infected the more times the flu virus gets to cycle and therefore the more opportunities for mutations. The Coronavirus is no different. The one thing that is different is that we have a new type of vaccine that came out, an RNA vaccine. I don’t understand all the reasons, so I wont try and explain them in this posting, but it appears to be able to deal with some variations. However, the longer it takes to get this pandemic under control the greater chance for mutations to occur that even these new vaccines can’t handle. So we may need booster shots every year to keep up with the new strains that will inevitably crop up. One thing I do know from my readings is that eventually these viruses mutate into a less virulent form, it happened with the Spanish Flu, it happens with all of them. Because if the virus is so potent that it kills everyone off, the virus will die too. There has to be a balance. So this is the point I am trying to make, every action you take has a repercussion. You may think that your not taking the vaccine only effects you. You would however, be be wrong. If you get infected because of your reticence, first the virus has more cycles that it can mutate through, increasing the risk of the vaccine becoming less effective. Second your actions affect all of your loved ones, and of course a whole mass of other people, medical and so on, even your insurance is involved and your work, because you can’t work. The point is, we don’t live in a bubble. So when you make a potentially life altering decision, keep that in mind. You do matter, no matter who you are.

7/25/2021 5:40 PM

There has been much talk about China trying to unseat us as the major super power in the world. Big deal. No super power remains top dog forever. We have had many global super powers, the first being the Persians empire, followed by the Roman Empire, the Mongol Empire, the British Empire, America and Russia, and finally maybe, China, if they don’t implode first. So you see power is a transient thing, it doesn’t last forever. In time our country will fall from it’s top seat, we may live to see it or not, but it will happen. But I know one thing I won’t let us slip without a fight, that is why I post the shit I post and write the blog articles that I post on my blog, To keep the word spreading. We will not roll over and play dead.

7/27/2021 2:58 AM

The Cleveland Indians can change their name to anything they want, they are after all a privately owned team. Their new name, the Cleveland Guardians is a cool name too. But the owners should have changed it because they wanted to, not because they are being coerced into doing so by fringe groups. The more we give into these groups the more they will want. They are power hungry, spiteful bullies. They could care less about sporting events or teams, or even statues or products or book titles, it is all about the notoriety and power they gain by getting people and companies to give into their every whim. Don’t forget they only have the power we give them. If we simply ignored and marginalized these groups and refused to give into their agendas, they would eventually dry up and fade away like a plant that is not watered. Actually that is a very appropriate analogy, if I don’t say so myself. LOL

7/28/2021 11:48 AM

I am glad to see that my postings on vaccines have stimulated active conversations. While not all discourse has been civil, I understand how people can become irritable when discussing this subject. I believe it is good to discuss difficult subjects and topics. Freedom of speech is what made this country great. Even our founding fathers did not get it right the first time around. Does anybody remember the articles of confederation? Basically it created a government with no real power, states reigned supreme. So with discourse and compromise, they came up eventually with the Constitution and Bill of Rights. If nobody wanted to to discuss the original governing document, our country would look a lot different now. That is why we need to keep our speech free, and eliminate censorship on the internet. Of course child pornography should be banned.

7/28/2021 12:04 PM

I think the Sports and the Olympics has become too political. I never agreed with our boycotting the summer Olympics in Russia. For the most part the Olympic events are team oriented. So do I think Simone Biles should have Quit? I guess that is between her and her maker. But is she a hero for quitting and leaving here team in a lurch, no I don’t think so? Truly great athletes find a way to press on in the face of adversity. That is what makes them great and heroes. What does her quitting teach our children and future Olympic athletes? That when the going gets tough, you get going? That is not the way our country became what it is today. The problem is that too much crap is out there today, cancel culture, wokeism, systemic racism and transgender issues, and the list goes on. Athletes are expected to speak out in these matters, and that is wrong. They should feel that they can compete and not deal with politics and societal issues. Maybe this is part of the reason she quit. We only know what she says, but not what she may truly be feeling.

7/2/2021 9:22 AM

I have written several articles on not on only COVID-19 but on masks as well. You can read all these postings in my blog Wearing a kerchief, cloth mask or a surgical masks does little to stop the spread of any airborne virus and just a little more for droplet transmission. Wearing these masks can be compared to the following following example. Using a chain link fence to stop mosquitoes from entering you house. Would you do this, of course not? These masks provides little or no protection for the wearer and just a little more for the non-wearer. The only real benefit to wearing one of these masks is if you are coughing or sneezing. The virus can still get out, but the force of the sneeze and the cough is reduced, so the distance the particles travel is less. N-95 masks are the only masks that provide any real protection. And that only happens if it is properly fitted. I work in a hospital, and we get fitted every year to make sure the our faces haven’t changed, so that the masks is still effective. The process takes close to 3o minutes. How many people have you seen wearing a mask with the nostrils exposed or only the chin covered? In these cases the mask is totally useless. How many times have yo seen gaps around the mask? These masks are totally useless. So why are we wasting our time, when the vast majority of people are wearing fabric masks incorrectly, which are only marginally effective at best to begin with? It is all about power and control. Don’t ever forget that.

7/31/2021 3:02 AM

So tell what the hell happened in the last 6 months? We turned the corner on the coronavirus pandemic. Now we are locking back down because we allowed an estimated 2 million illegal immigrants to cross our southern border, who were in large part infected with covid. It wasn’t bad enough that they infected Arizona and Texas, we bussed them to just about every other state. So now our covid numbers are on the rise again. Can I get a big what the F__k!? It would be so bad if we had all gotten vaccinated. But thanks to all the lies spread by the left last year, and the BS being spread this year,, nobody trusts the vaccines. Can you blame them? Despite what you think 95% of the covid infections are people that have not been vaccinated.

8/1/2021 8:35 AM

An Estimated 164 million people have been fully vaccinated, in many cases that means getting two shots, there have been even more that have been given at least one shot, which means they still have a pretty good immunity towards the covid virus. There has also been an estimated 35 million people that have been infected. They also have immunity. We have approximately 329 million people in this country. Even with these conservative numbers of immunity we are at 61% immunity. I am sure these numbers are much higher. The left controls the numbers so you need to take them with a grain of salt. Other studies have given estimates closer to 100 million people infected. We don’t know for sure because their symptoms were so so slight that they did not even realize they have been infected. I tend to believe these numbers more. so that puts us at 80%, which is smack dab in the middle of the herd immunity range. The only reason that we are seeing an increase in infections is because hundreds of thousands of infected and unvaccinated people are entering our southern borders and are being shipped by public transportation to all four corners of our country. Over 95% of the deaths due to covid now are related to unvaccinated individuals. I work in the ICU and I know this to be true. We tend to keep track of this in the hospital. Especially when they are putting us at an increased risk. We don’t have the choice to socially distance. We have to care for these highly contagious individuals. You may ask why people would risk their lives by not getting the vaccine? It has to do with paranoia and misinformation. You have our leaders to thank for that. Our military and even the CIA have also been involved in devious activities regarding vaccinations. These vaccines do work. Look at the vaccines for polio and small pox. Many people can remember being affected by these pandemics. You may argue with these facts and that is your right, but if you act in an uncivil manner or use profanity you be unfriended and blocked. I don’t have time for this kind of childish behavior. We are all adults here, so act the part.

8/2/2021 11:46 AM

Does anybody know what the phrase “law abiding citizens” means? I think the concept behind it is pretty simple. If you commit a crime you are no longer law abiding. So why are we trying to take away the guns from law abiding citizens? They are not the problem. Criminals are the problem. I just wrote an article on where do criminals get their guns. I will be posting it later this month as part of a bundle of articles entitled Randy’s Musings 3.0 on my blog Well surprisingly enough they don’t go to a regular store to get their guns. Why because they mostly have criminal records, so the background check prevents them from buying their guns in licensed locations. So if we want to control crime, you need to take away their illegitimate means of acquiring them. Do stings on the black markets, hit unscrupulous pawn shops, and so on. Raiding law abiding citizen’s houses is not only unconstitutional it will be totally ineffective in cutting down on gun related crimes. Pretty simple. So why are they trying to take away our guns? It has nothing to do with crime. It is about eroding our constitutional rights and increasing their power. With no guns, we won’t be able to stop the government from the inevitable power grab that is sure to happen. If we don’t stand up for our rights we will eventually become just another communist country.

8/2/2021 11:58 AM

Why are we screwing with children? Why are adults trying to push their agenda off on them? Probably the best part of childhood are the years 2 to 10. You start walking and talking and you can get into a lot of shit. You also get all the cool toys during this time. Life is supposed to be care free. You have enough stress learning how not to crap your pants anymore, and getting your first set of teeth and eventually losing them. The years 10 on up are the crazy and confusing years, where hormones, acne, (for girls your first period, and growing breasts and so on), dating and their new sexual urges take place. This is a very confusing time. Undoubtedly the hardest part of growing up. So why the F–k are we screwing with the best part of childhood? Why are we trying to give kids hormones to change their genders. Why are we teaching them to hate their race and every other race? We are teaching white kids that they are bad people, and children of color that they are losers. What the hell is our problem? Let children be children. Leave our children the F–k alone. They will have the next 50 or so years to screw up their lives.

8/3/2021 11:59 AM

I use small pox and polio to prove the point that vaccines do have a place in the reduction of disease in our world. I would have thought that would be evident. If you don’t understand that, I am sorry. Not all vaccines are perfect. No vaccine is 100 percent effective, and no vaccine is without side effects. There are just too many variables when you are talking about millions of people getting vaccines. Everybody reacts differently to vaccines, treatments and medication. Medicine will never be as exacting as mathematics for example. That is just the honest truth.

8/4/2021 2:17 AM

Something just doesn’t seem right with these illegal immigrants. I know some are supposed to have walked 2,000 miles. Are they carrying their kids in their arms? Like I saw in some videos. There is no way you can carry a 20 to 30 pound kid that way very far. You would need some kind of harness. Are they carrying suitcases that far as well? What are they eating or drinking? I have done 2 to 4 day backpack hikes. I know what you have to carry and how you have to carry it. There is no way I could do a 2,000 mile hike the way they are doing it. I saw some people that had to be dragged out of the Rio Grande river to get to the US border. They could barely walk. There is no way they walked 2,000 miles, let alone a single mile. So what is going on? Is this a charade? Are they being flown in and then bused to the border? I am very confused. How do the drug cartels figure in all this? What services are they providing for their exorbitant fees? What is the ultimate goal of the democrats? If they want more voters, there has to be an easier way. Not too mention how many new covid-19 cases they are bringing into our country.

8/6/2021 1:10 PM

This little post is about covid testing. I know this too be accurate. “More than 100 manufacturers have been authorized by the FDA to create COVID-19 tests, but not all COVID tests are created equally – or serve the same purpose. They vary in accuracy levels, testing methods, and the time it takes to get results.” A patient tested in a clinic and received a negative test in a clinic before coming to my hospital. But when we received the patient where I work, we all knew the patient had to be positive. He just exhibited too many of the common symptoms. And lo and behold he tested positive. The reason why I bring this up is that thanks to the delta variant, we are going crazy with the covid shit again. If you leave the country on a trip, you have to get tested again before you come back in. Unless of course you hide your IDs and passports and swim across the Rio Grande river. Then it doesn’t matter. Kind of a pain in the ass if you went to Canada. So if these results can very from test to test, how can the government rely so heavily on them?

8/8/2021 12:43 AM

If you have been infected with Covid, you don’t at this time need a vaccination. At least for now. However, the longer the pandemic goes on there is a chance that you will eventually need a booster shot, kind a of like the yearly flu vaccine. Children and teenagers don’t need the vaccination, and the complications may even outweigh the benefits. Only you and your doctor know whether or not you would benefit from a vaccine or whether it is safe for you. If you look at the numbers of infected people and the number of vaccinated people that are in the US, we are at herd immunity. The only reason that we are having any problems right now is because of the 100,000s of people that are entering this country illegally. Many of whom are Covid +. Besides they can’t force you to take a vaccine when it has not been approved for use by the FDA. So why is the FDA playing games. How many millions of people need to be vaccinated before they sign off on them? The whole Covid pandemic has become a political shit show.

8/8/2021 12:53 AM

Some of you may be confused about this posting. There is no need to be confused. I have always defended your right to chose. I firmly believe that the vaccination is beneficial for those that fall in the higher risk groups. I fall in that range, so I got vaccinated. I also am an ICU RN who takes care of covid patients. So I am at a much greater risk than the vast majority of people in this country. The only exception would be the border guard personnel right now. Which should not be the case. Also, the majority of hospital covid cases at this time are unvaccinated people. There are some that have been vaccinated that are getting infected. The majority of those people have depressed immune systems from a variety of reasons.

8/8/2021 2:05 AM

Has anybody watched the documentary Val? It was heartbreaking what has happened to Val Kilmer. But all of it was self inflicted, from the throat cancer to his being shunned by Hollywood. He was a heavy smoker. His fall began after he refused the fulfill his contract for two more Batman movies. That was stupid. I think what happens to actors/actresses that are classically trained or go to schools like Juilliard become too full of themselves. Another example is Vin Diesel, he has been reported to be difficult to work with, he also commands exorbitant salaries. What do you guys think?

8/8/2021 11:57 AM

I am not the one that is confused. I am a medical professional with 20 years of experience and a whole life of studying anatomy and physiology. I have care for hundreds of covid patients. I have seen a large number of patients die from complications exacerbated by the covid virus. IO am not the one confused. I am not the ones relying on constantly changing information from news reporters, leaders and supposed professionals. I live covid. So please don’t be condescending. I have also done a great deal of research and have posted several articles on my blog. But each to his/her own. Listen to flip flop Fauci all you want. He was wrong about HIV/AIDS and He has been wrong about COVID-19.

8/8/2021 12:05 PM

Female Inmate Pregnant After Being Forced To Share Prison With Biological Men Claiming To Be Transgender. A female inmate in California is now pregnant after women’s prisons were forced to accept biological male prisoners claiming to be women without any questions asked.The Blaze reported that a liberal women’s organization, Women’s Liberation Front (WoLF), has reported that at least one woman has become pregnant following California’s law that allows men to identify as women and get sent to a women’s prison – even if they were in prison for violence against women. As The Daily Wire reported last month, California began handing out condoms and Plan B to female inmates who were forced to accept sharing a prison with biological men claiming to be transgender. What the F–k is going on in this world? Many of these women have been brutalized outside of the prisons. At least they were safe on the inside. Now they are not even safe there. I am sure some of the women are liking it. But I am also sure that a large number are not so pleased.

8/10/2021 9:27 AM

Well, it is official Governor Cuomo resigned. Good riddance. He got off too easy. While I don’t think the allegations that finally ended his reign over New York state were legitimate, he should have been impeached for his crimes against humanity. By that I mean the actions that caused thousands of elderly nursing home residents. Maybe now that he no longer has the protection of his office, they will pursue this investigation with more ardor. We can only hope for the families of the deceased that this is the case.

8/10/2021 9:35 AM

Are we a country of thin skinned cream puffs? Where we are so sensitive that we can’t even take a compliment without picking it apart and looking for hidden messages and meaning? What the hell have we come to? How many people when they introduce someone say that that person, whether male or female is a nice person? I have. Maybe Jen Psaki would rather have been introduced as that mean spirited, lying bitch? It certainly would have been more accurate then her being described as a nice person. She said it was sexist. Has she forgotten that she is a female? Or maybe she too is suffering from gender dysphoria? I guess she is the only one who knows for sure. But come on lets get real, what the hell is her problem?

8/10/2021 4:38 PM

Why does people’s health and safety have to be political? We should all be for a free, healthy and safe country to live in. Anything that jeopardizes it should be unwelcome to use all. Case in point unlimited illegal immigration into the US. The only reason we are having a resurgence in the Coronavirus is because 10,000s of infected people are being allowed through our borders and shipped all over our country. The resulting increase in infection rates are giving the left the grounds to reinstate their draconian restrictions. It is not about health, it is about power and the maintenance of their power base. Why would possible new left voters be allowed in our southern borders when new right voters from Cuba not be allowed into this country?

8/11/2021 10:23 AM

I should be sleeping right know, because I just came off a 12 hour shift at the ICU at my hospital. I am an RN. I have been caring for COVID patients from the beginning. I do not care for your typical COVID patient, I only care for the sickest ones. Most of the patients I care for are on a ventilator. I have been told by Doctors that only around 10 percent survive once they are on the ventilator. Even if you survive, there is no guarantee that your life will return to normal. Many that do survive have mental disorders caused in part by damage from blood clots in the brain. This virus is serious. I don’t care what people say about the new variant. They are all lies. The virus attacks healthy people. People that just last year would not have gotten seriously sick, are now dying. I can’t give you exact information on my patients, but I can give you an age range. My patient was from 50-55 years old, with no known medical history. The patient was not over weight, not diabetic, was not a smoker, did not abuse alcohol. And had no respiratory history and was not exposed to secondary smoke for prolonged periods of time. This patient was a very healthy person. That is why they felt safe in not getting vaccinated. That person is now dead. We do have therapeutics, but none are effective in advanced patients. They are only effective in the early stages. If you feel sick, do not wait to get tested for COVID. If you have symptoms for a week or more, and they are not improving, it may be too late to treat you. Thanks to Dr. Fauci we are still not using Azithromycin, Vitamin D or Hydroxychloroquine. These drugs have been effective in the rest of the world, so why are we not using them? We are still administering Remdesivir, but to a lesser extent because it only has limited benefits, we have also decreased our use of convalescent plasma, because it has not been shown to improve our patient’s outcomes. This virus is kicking our asses. The only chance we have is through prevention or lessening the symptoms, which vaccinations have been shown to do. So you can take this posting anyway you want. Every part is factual, and is based on personal experiences. This is not from BS news shows and political hacks, trying to maintain their power. All I can say, is may GOD have mercy on our souls.

8/11/2021 4:31 PM

I can’t make any claims for what you are experiencing where you live or work. The vast majority of covid related deaths where I work, are for patients that did not get vaccinated. I also know that the number of younger people are getting seriously infected and in some case even dying, is increasing. And yes, sadly they were not vaccinated as well. Yes, I am also seeing some come in that were vaccinated as well, but in many but not all cases, they had a compromised immune system. You can yell at me all you want, I am just going by what I am seeing from my experiences at my hospital. I am not claiming to know what is happening anywhere else. But I would be surprised if what I am seeing is not occurring in other places as well.

I am going to get off my vaccine bandwagon for a while. I feel that the only way people that haven’t gotten vaccinated to change their minds is for the FDA to approve these vaccines. The reason they haven’t is due to their hate for Trump. By doing so they would give him a moral victory. So enough is enough. What we need to address is actually much more important, that is wokeism, and cancel culture. These two concepts are ruining our country. They both start with people who do not feel that they have self worth. They crave attention. They are not talented enough, or pretty enough or smart enough to gain attention through legitimate means, so they create false movements and make a hell a lot of noise till someone listens. There is an old saying that says “the squeaky wheel gets the grease”. They also use one of our human weaknesses against us. We all crave an escape form normalcy and the boring grind of our daily lives. We also like to feel that we are doing well, that is why we pay attention and listen to bad news more than we do to good news. There is another saying, “misery loves company”. By seeing people do poorly, it makes us feel better about our lack of success. While it is true that we are attracted to these things, we are also basically cowards at heart. It takes a great deal of impetus for us to take any courageous actions. Mainly because we have too much to lose. Who wants to risk everything for a cause or to help a stranger? The answer is people who have nothing to lose, or feel like they have been cheated or do not matter. That brings me to the third thing that is hurting our country, and that is the belief that it is systemically racist. That if you are not white, you don’t stand a chance to get ahead. That no amount of hard work is going to be enough. This is a load of crap. Just watch a sporting event or a program on TV or go to the movies. There are countless people of color doing wonderous things with their lives. To fix these issue, we need to basically say “what the fuck”. Take a chance, and stop believing that you are a victim. We all matter, we can all make a difference, and we all bleed red blood. If you go back far enough in our history, we all have common ancestors. Our origins are from Africa, so what difference does it make when we relocated? Don’t forget that the people making all the noise are few in number. The vast majority of our corporations truly don’t like woke culture. The only reason that they cave in is because of two things, greed and fear. They don’t want to lose their market share and they want to gain the market that is China. They are also afraid of what a few confused, and self loathing people think and act upon. We are the majority. We need to stop paying attention to all the negative shit we hear and see, and focus on the positive. The vast majority of the people in this world all want the same thing. To raise a family and enjoy the short time we have on this wonderful planet. If we took all the money we spend on destroying our planet and use that for the improvement of our planet, there would be no hunger/starvation. Our world would truly be a paradise. It can easily support us, if we take care of it.

8/13/2021 9:53 AM

FB the only reason you have not fallen by the way side is because a viable option hasn’t come out yet. Once it does you will disappear just like all the rest. Ie. AOL, Compuserve, and so on. There are too many to enumerate. So instead of trying to squelch our freedom of speech, stop allowing the spread of child pornography that is becoming all too prevalent on your site.

8/13/2021 3:59 PM

This is a a follow up to my previous dissertation, LOL. The reason we as a country are in the position that it is, is for several reasons. I have discussed them in my blog extensively., Our problems started back in the early 1900s, during the presidency of Woodrow Wilson, since than we have had a few progressive presidents. During each of their tenures we have become less pro American, over taxed, and more entitled. The level of welfare has gone up, We have welfare (EBT benefits), food stamps , Medicaid and WIC checks, just to name a few. I don’t count Social Security, because these recipients paid into the system and it is more like a retirement plan than an endowment. Children today are taught to hate their country and their skin color. More and more people are self loathing. People like this are ripe for radical movements. We are also paying people not to work, so these individuals have plenty of free time to foment unrest. What they fail to realize is that in an authoritarian society, they would not have the freedom to voice their opinions. They lament their situation, but are ignorant of the reality of their lives. No matter how poor you are in the U.S. you are still free. Even the homeless have access to soup kitchens and can drink potable water. That is better than countries like Venezuela, where people go hunting on the streets looking for dogs, cats and even rats to eat. So stop wishing for a communistic society, because your wishes may come true. Remember the bread lines in the Soviet Union?

8/15/2021 12:33 PM

This is one time, that I don’t Blame Biden. Because President Trump was planning on pulling out of Afghanistan as well. I don’t agree with how it was done. But you can also blame our military for the actual details. We should have never left all our equipment there, and we should have made sure all of our allies that wanted to leave the country were evacuated. Too many people died needlessly. There also comes a time when everyone has to take responsibility for their own actions, and that goes for countries too. We gave the Afghan people a taste of freedom, but apparently that was not enough to give them a will to fight for it. We have bolstered there military for way too many years. If they can’t protect their own country, than oh well. We can’t protect every country from tyranny, despite our best intentions and wishes. The world is a dangerous and yes an unfair place. We are in a fight for our very life in the U.S. We have to come first. Once we have a stable country and economy, than maybe we can help somebody else. We have nearly bankrupted our country trying to be the good guy. Trillions of dollars have been borrowed to fight the endless wars in the middle east, all to no avail. You think we would have learned our lesson in the Vietnam war and yes even the Korean war. What did we truly accomplish there. So we have a few more square miles of countryside in Asia that are not communist. At what price was that accomplished? The peace over there is tenuous at best. So was it worth the loss of life and the billions of dollars spent over there? I hardly think so. So now we are in the same position almost 50 years later for the Vietnam war and over 60 years for the Korean war. Now we can again contemplate where we went wrong. “Different story, same ending”. What will it take for us to get our heads out of our asses?

8/15/2021 3:27 PM

In defense of the Afghan military, the Taliban knows who the soldiers are, they know who the family members are. I am sure that the soldiers are terrified of what the repercussions would be if they mounted any real resistance. They no longer have any backing from the US. There is little or no chance of them getting there family to safety. The Taliban has always ruled by force and terror. The only way to beat them is to kill every one of them. The only thing that they respect is force and strength. They only laugh at you when you offer to negotiate. They consider that a weakness. They also live in Afghanistan, it is their home. It costs them nothing to be there. Where it costs us millions and billions of dollars to be stationed Afghanistan. In contrast It is not our home, and we sure as hell don’t want to be there. They also think of time measured in centuries and millennia.

8/16/2021 1:27 PM

This is from an email of a soldier from Afghanistan. It was posted on Dan Bongino’s Unfiltered show on Fox News. It is really heartbreaking. So I have taken it on myself to post it on my FB and my blog. “A lot of people don’t understand what it is like coming home from combat after doing things for you country. We have to live with what we have done. I feel I’ve forfeited any chance to see my daughters in the afterlife. When your ROEs were to smoke check anyone with a shovel and an orange bucket including kids it was like the Wild West. And your enemy changes you. You grow a hate inside you that you can’t come to terms with. You watch your Marines die. You watch them get maimed (losing legs,,,arms…private parts) all the while knowing the locals knew where the IEDs and ambushes were but didn’t tell you during one of the many Shuras you sat in. Usually they were 15-20 pounders which would take out a leg or both…sometimes a hand and a part of the arm if you were carrying your weapon at a low ready. The worst was a 50-75 pounder that turned you into what we called ‘pink mist’…we backed a truck up and put the pieces in the back using a poncho and the kid next to him who was in shock while dropping every ordinance. We had from fixed, rotary wing, arty and mortars. You hate yourself because you lived. You hate yourself because your Marine killed himself when we got home and you couldn’t prevent it. You hate yourself because you get drunk texts from your Marines telling you they love you and thanking you for what you did for them over there…but they are hurting because you had to give them orders to kill kids…You have to carry that hate for the rest of your life. It doesn’t go away. It’s actually gotten worse…You have nightmares almost every night and hardly sleep. Your daughters die in bad ways in your dreams and you fear it’s punishment for what you did and they might come true. But America doesn’t care now. You are a statistic at best…you are hated at worst.” This is very sad. While I have never had the privilege of serving in the military, I serve my country in a different way. However many of my family members and friends have served in the military and some have fought in our all too frequent wars. All of them have stories to tell. Those that fought in our wars find it very hard to talk about their experiences. You can tell they have been permanently scarred. I will never forget their sacrifices. I will continue to do the best I can to make sure that they and their sacrifices are not forgotten. I recently made a posting about how 4 military vets who helped us out of a tight spot at Lake Mead. They went out of their way to help total strangers that were in need. They expected nothing in return. These are the kind of people that serve our country. They deserve our undying gratitude.

8/16/2021 1:44 PM

Who thinks that the Afghanistan debacle was intentional? They had to have known that the Afghan army would not be able to stand up against the Taliban. First of all Afghanistan is not a truly United country. The people living there do not have loyalties to the country. They are only loyal to local tribes. That is why there will never be peace there. We failed in instilling in them that there is an alternative to Sharia Law and the Taliban. So what will happen if Americans are killed? will we start fighting all over again? Did we just reset the clock? We have already shipped more troops back there.

8/16/2021 8:24 PM

I found this very interesting. I am not sure how long it will be visible. I have also posted it on my blog in the the article entitled “The Coronavirus Exposed. Part 1: Main Body” I hope you find interesting as well.

ICU NURSE: "You're being lied to about COVID."

RUMBLE.COMICU NURSE: “You’re being lied to about COVID.”There are extremely effective ways of treating and preventing covid and big pharma and the government are doing everything they can to keep people from knowing it because they are making insane amount

8//17/2021 1:36 AM

I keep on hearing reporters and politicians about when the Republicans are going to take over in 2022. What a crock of shit. What are the republicans doing to save our country now? They are guaranteeing that we won’t have a country with these multi trillion dollar infrastructure bills. I don’t know about you, but I don’t intend on killing myself to make less and pay more taxes than I am already paying. Who in the hell is going to pay for these bills? These are not even including the budget. 2022? will we even have a country to save?

8/19/2021 7:09 PM

So is the Biden organized stupidity? How can anybody be wrong about so much? Unless like Lara Logan says, it is intentional. They are trying to alienate the US from the rest of our allies. Nobody will fight by our side now, after seeing how we are treating our Afghan allies. Now if we have to re-invade the country, we will have to fight against our equipment and forts. How stupid is that?! It almost makes one ashamed to be an American. I am not quite there yet, but I am certainly close. Think of all those poor women and young girls there. The abuse they will suffer is unimaginable. How can our leaders be so callous and heartless? If I caused this, I would not be able to sleep at night.

8/20/2021 2:43 PM

RANT ALERT Biden said that the other countries are not criticizing our Afghanistan evacuation. You know why? They are so chocked up with laughter that they are speechless. Give them a couple of days to stop laughing. So Biden is now blaming Trump for this failure as well. The Biden Adm. says that they extended the date from May to September. So why did they not keep all the airbases open to make the evacuations easier, also so they could have at least shipped out the guns. They could have blown up the tanks and Humvees and as the last planes took off, they could have blown up the bases. Also can you tell me why we had to leave Blackhawk helicopters and drones there. How was it too expensive to move them out? They both fly. You could have loaded up the helicopters with people and shit. Hell you could have even put a missiles on the drones and flown them out. It is estimated that $80 Billion, yes that is a B of weapons have been left to our enemies. Does that include the state of the art facilities at our airbases and our embassy? Or is that even more money wasted? In 2001, the Taliban had sling shots to fight with, now they have state of the art weapons given to them for free. They should be driving the Americans to the FUCKING airport, instead of beating them. I think we to get some of our good old boys from the south and the west and go over there and kick the living shit out the Taliban and maybe some of the diplomats while we are at it.

8/24/2021 12:50 AM

Celebrities use there notoriety to influence people. There are a lot of people out there that seem to think because they made movies, or played in professional sports that there opinion matters more than your average hard working American. Not everybody was born with beauty or good genes or athletic prowes. I was a triathlete and long distance runner. However, I knew that no matter how much I trained, I would never be fast enough to compete on a professional level. The same goes with football players or track stars. Yes they work very hard, but they also have God given abilities as well. Do these people matter more? Does there opinion matter more? I don’t think so. I know nobody is forcing me to read there posts or listen to them. Neither is anybody forced to read mine. I know many of you will not agree with me, and you have already made that perfectly clear. That is fine, that is what makes this country great. We get to voice our opinion.

8/25/2021 12:24 PM

What is the answer with the Taliban and Al Qaeda? It seems that the only way that the Afghan people are going to get any rest and peace is if everyone of these really bad people are exterminated. Would that do any good, or would it just create a vacuum for some other radical Muslim sect to take over? I am glad that I am not the one making these decisions. However the people we currently have making the decisions are not qualified to do this. Since Biden has become president, there has been one blunder after another one made. Our country is now a laughing stock in the international sphere. Our allies are distancing themselves from us, as we can no longer be trusted to keep our word. China is becoming the political and financial powerhouse in the world, as we fumble around with one issue after another with-in our borders; Wokeism, cancel culture, transgender issues, systemic racism, and so on. Our country is becoming divided into many different segments. There is a saying “United you stand, Divided you fall.” Well we certainly are not united. There are several pivotal times in a countries history. One of our main ones were the civil war, Pearl Harbor, 9/11 and now Afghanistan. You say Afghanistan!? Yes Afghanistan, how we handle this crisis will make or break this country. This situation we find ourselves in, and how we handle it, will have repercussions for our future that we can’t even begin to imagine. You may have a lot of feelings about having more unvetted immigrants coming into our country. But we can’t leave behind those people that helped us there, even at the risk of a few bad people slipping in. Because you know that we will find ourselves in another Afghanistan in the future, and if we allow our allies to be slaughtered, there will be nobody to stand with us in the next crisis. England, Canada, France, Germany and Australia are all fed up with us. They think Biden is a joke and Harris is incompetent. And you know what, they are right. So what are we going to do about it? Can the people step in and help our allies, if our government won’t? If we do this we will truly show what our people are made of. If we step in, we would gain some self respect at least, and maybe we could salvage the situation. Because if we allow a goat fucking tribe like the Taliban to make us run with our tail between our legs in August 31st, it is all over. China and the rest of our enemies have won. You know what, they are already winning.

8/27/2021 8:50 AM

Sometimes the answer is right before you. It just dawned on me what is behind all this social distancing in school. Have you ever seen a class in a TV show or movies? The class size is around 15 kids. Well they do this for a reason, to cut down on the number of extras they have to hire, and that is understandable. But what it does, is gives parents a false sense of what classrooms are really like. My father was a teacher for over 30 years before he retired, and the one thing he always complained about was class size, and the total number of kids that they are teaching throughout the day. He had close to 200 students. That is crazy, I know because I helped him grade his papers. We would divide and conquer, he graded the essays and I graded the short answers (fill-ins), T/F and multiple choice answers. I also remember going to school board meetings with him, and three things always came up 1st and foremost were class size, 2nd they needed more teachers and 3rd believe it or not was the lack of supplies. Way down the list was salaries. Now I think they have finally found a way to get there two wishes. Have you seen the classrooms now? There are may 15 kids total in the room, usually even less. So either we do zoom classes to make up the numbers or we hire more teachers to make the smaller class sizes possible. I am all for these things. But what I don’t like is how they are going about it. First the subject matter and the indoctrination has to go. The Plexiglass cubicles and the masks also have have to go. No Covid testing for the kids. The teachers can get vaccinated, and wear masks, or retire and find a new line of work. People that went into teaching for the right reasons, should no have a problem with this. They can keep the desks spread apart, this makes it harder to cheat, easier to manage the class. No passing notes back an forth or whispering behind the teachers back. It also makes it easier for the teacher to help the student because they have room to walk around the students desk. If these things are done, I see a win win for everyone.

8/27/2021 11:38 AM

So is this recent death of service men going to be enough incentive for us to re-invade Afghanistan, or are we going to wimp out? There really is no good answer. But what I think is that this endeavor in incompetence was orchestrated by powerful forces in the government, including the military and arms dealers. I think it will lead to a whole new arms race. Because now supposedly our enemy knows how our tech works, so we will need even more costly and deadly weapons. If a pre-teen can come up with a better plan for the evacuation of Afghanistan, how can we be so stupid? If we were that stupid, we would not be able to dress ourselves in the morning.

8/30/2021 4:48 AM

Is this continued involvement in local wars across the world, part of a greater plot to tie up our resources, so that we can’t concentrate on the bigger picture? That of global dominance of 5-G wireless and Quantum Computing? You may ask who really cares which power controls these things? Ordinarily it would not really matter. Like 30 years ago it didn’t really matter if a democrat or a republican sat in the president’s seat. It was just two different shades of the same gray color. Both were swamp creatures and both highly corrupt. We now see that this is not the case anymore. It really matters who is in the office. The same holds true with global powers. China wants global dominance with their imperial system of control in place. Does anyone remember Imperialist Japan? Well China is the same but on steroids. Xi JingPing wants total dominance, with the U.S. as but an afterthought. The Chinese tech giant driving the 5-G their bid for control, Huawaei, has built in holes or back doors that gives China control of ever device on the 5-G network. So if the network is Chinese, all the equipment is Chinese. Right down to people’s pacemakers. Qualcomm, an American based 5-G company is our only hope. It sadly is being out funded by China’s government subsidized wireless company. Google is currently the leader in Quantum computing, by a substantial margin, but where do their loyalties truly lie? I will continue with a second posting.

8/30/2021 5:07 AM

Part 2, sorry, I had to break it up, it was getting too long. I want to conclude on a few points. Is the constant control attempts by Big Tech to take away or freedom of speech and the constant theft of our rights of property ownership and due process of the law a means to make us numb? In other words will we be too wiped out to care if we lose our rights, and eventually it won’t matter if our currency is the Dollar or the Renminbi? I don’t know about you, but Xi looks a lot like a young Biden. Biden is a peckerwood, and we know Xi is a peckerwood as well. I am frankly tired of both of their BS plans and actions. I not only think, but I know it is time for a change. Take a look at the poor religious Muslim minority in China, the Uyghurs. Over a million of them are in concentration camps simply for their religious beliefs. So where is the political and religious uproar in the Muslim world? Why aren’t the radicals waging a Jihadist movement to rescue them from Imperialistic China? Because it is all political and it is all about money and corruption. And nobody gives a rats ass about his neighbor or even brother. It is all about me and mine. Finally, I only think that China pays lip service to its population control issues. I think they are using their vast population size as a control method. Every corporation in the world wants to tap into that market. There population also makes it easy to overwhelm surrounding countries. They are like a swarm of locusts. One country alone will alone, soon have a quarter of the world’s population. You tell me that wasn’t by design? An imperialist country too boot.

8/31/2021 12:39 PM

Well they are doing it. The spin doctors are making the worst defeat in our history as a country into a positive event. I think the only time we suffered a greater embarrassment was when we allowed the British to burn down our capital during the War of 1812. We will be paying the repercussions from the events that transpired over the last month for the next 10 to 20 years or maybe even longer. You know what, the media is going to allow them to get away with it. Over the next several weeks hundreds and even thousands of Afghan citizens will pay the ultimate price for our treachery. You watch it, instead of getting impeached our bastard president Biden will get the Nobel Peace Prize.

9/4/2021 11:04 PM

Frankly I am getting tired of the whole Roe versus Wade issue. Does anybody remember prohibition? Did it stop people from drinking? No but it helped organized crime get a foothold in the US. Does anybody remember illegal abortion clinics? Women would die after their abortions, they would just bleed to death. Making abortions is not going to stop truly desperate women from getting them. The whole court decision was unconstitutional because it falls under the preview of states not federal. But that is besides the point. I think the courts should revisit the case and tighten it up some. There needs to be a medical necessity clause in the law. I Frankly believe that a women should be able to decide whether or not she wants the baby in the first trimester. That is a long time to make up your mind. I also belive that there should be a mandatory counseling session before the abortion. I believe if the women knew of the alternative s fewer abortions would be performed. That is my opinion, I am entitled to it. I however will never condem a women for getting one. As a man I can’t possibly know what the woman is experiencing. That is why I don’t believe men should be the ones making the laws involving this uniquely female experience.

9/5/2021 11:26PM

There are many drugs out there that have more than one purpose. Like Viagra and Rogaine even Coumadin which originally was used to kill rats. Now used on humans as a blood thinner. Is it too farfetched to consider that a drug like Ivermectin would also work against the covid-19 virus?

9/9/2021 1:51 AM

9/14/2021 8:32 PM

My wife And I watched the Movie The “lone Survivor,” While we had seen it a while ago, I thought it appropriate to watch it again. I started to think about a few things after watching the movie. I feel that there should be some things that involve our country and who we are, that can’t be changed by a new president. It seems like we are a ship that zig zags across the ocean, changing direction every time we get a new president. No matter we never get anywhere. We have always been known for never leaving anyone behind. This should be inviolable. No president should be able to overturn this mandate. The same goes with our freedoms. The only way to change the Constitution is by amendments. Congress should not be able to pass laws to take those rights away. I know one thing that complacency breeds indifference and eventually leads to loss of your rights and freedoms. A constitutional Republic is the most difficult form of government to maintain, it requires constant vigilance by the citizens of the country to ensure that those in power are kept in check. We have allowed the government to take over too many things in our lives. We need to say enough is enough, we can’t be afraid of our own shadows. In the movie a local village showed more compassion and humanity than our government has in the last few months. The Afghanis have a 2,000 year old code of honor known as Pashtunwali which requires a tribe to undertake the responsibility if safeguarding an individual against his enemies and protecting him at all costs. Where is our code of conduction? How can such a primitive country be more civilized and humane than we are? Now that we have forsaken our allies, will we ever find sanctuary in a foreign land again?

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