Postings From Other Internet Sites: Part 10

9/15/2021 5:20PM

The issue of reparations, nobody living was directly impacted by slavery in the south. Our parents were not impacted and neither were their parents. So How can bankrupting our country be justified? In today’s society you can find slavery all over the world. There are actually more white slaves than black slaves and most of them are either children or women. They are being enslaved for the sex trade. If anybody needs help it is these individuals. Just saying.

9/15/2021 5:25 PM

Anybody following politics in California had to have known that Gavin Newsom would not be unseated. While he probably the worse governor in our 50 states, he is substantially smarter than New York’s Cuomo. How much money and time was wasted? So now one of three things can happen; 1. no change. 2. he punishes everybody and makes the lockdowns even worse. 3. He realizes how close he came to loosing his job and makes things a little better.

9/15/2021 5:43 PM

Funny I thought it was the job of the military to protect our people and to kick anybody’s ass who threatens us or our borders? If I am not mistaken it is not their job to avoid conflict, that is the job of the politician. So where does Milley get off saying that he was trying to prevent a conflict with China. It seems to me that he was divulging state secrets to the enemy. Does anybody think of China as our ally?

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