Memoir Related Postings

(9/14/2021 2:57 AM)

I just finished writing my memoirs, I am not sure how long they really are, because I did something different. I posted each chapter on my blog. They can all be found in the sub category “The Bloggist” There are 12 chapters including and Introduction and a Table of contents. There is even a header for a book cover. I posted it in this format so that I can update and make corrections. There is no charge, which is unique all by itself. Please feel free to make comments, civil ones only please. This was a work of love, so I won’t appreciate any rude comments. The Title of the book is “The Life of a Blogger: A Truly Never-Ending Story.” It is not terribly long, I am sure it is well under a 100 pages. You can find it on my blog “”. I have done my best to protect any living individuals mentioned in the book, by being very vague in details involving locations, I have also even used fake names and in some cases I have changed the makeup of the family to make it even harder to track down any one individual. I hope you enjoy it.