No Is A 4-Letter Word–Table of Contents

Table of Contents



Chapter One–What are you Good at?

-Chapter Two–What Advice is Bad?

-Chapter Three–What Advice is Good?

-Chapter Four–Taking Your Own Consul

-Chapter Five–Don’t Listen to Naysayers

-Chapter Six–Setting Reasonable Goals

-Chapter Seven–Make Careful Plans for the Future

-Chapter Eight-What is a Life Plan?

-Chapter Nine–There is no Easy Path or a Sure Thing

-Chapter Ten–Making Mistakes can be Good

-Chapter Eleven–Don’t Give Up

-Chapter Twelve–When is it Time to Change Gears?

-Chapter Thirteen–It is ok to Learn From Other People’s Successes

-Chapter Fourteen–A Straight Line is not Always the Shortest Distance Between Two Points

-Chapter Fifteen–It is Ok to Take a Vacation From Time to Time

-Chapter Sixteen–No Money, No Problem

-Chapter Seventeen–Write Down all Your Ideas, You Never Know

-Chapter Eighteen–Always Carry an Umbrella

-Chapter Nienteen–Better Late Than Never

-Chapter Twenty–A Bible Story–Example of Perseverance