Saving Our World–Preface

Over two years ago I started a blog where I not only cover current events, I also discuss historical, scientific and environmental topics to name few. While writing my environmental articles, I started toying around with the idea of writing a book on our environment.

While there is a lot of material on the environment, a fair amount of it is erroneous. Politicians have been cherry picking the research of less than scrupulous scientists to further their agenda. While I am not an environmental scientist, I do have a bachelor’s degree in Biology. If Josh Gates can have a TV show because he has a degree in archeology why can’t I write a book on our planet with my degree?

One thing I will guarantee is that I have no hidden agenda. The only goal I have is saving our planet for future generations. Another thing I will guarantee is that I will scour the internet looking for reliable resources so that I can provide a solidly researched reference book on our planet and its environment.