Table of Contents


Part One: Grandpa Gordon A Force of Nature

Chapter One: How It All Began

Chapter Two: A Legend Is Born

Chapter Three: Combat In Europe

Chapter Four: The Long Voyage Home.

Chapter Five: R&R and the Future.

Chapter Six: Grandpa Gordon Re-enlists.

Chapter Seven: Aircraft Gunnery School

Chapter Eight: The Korean War

Chapter Nine: Grandpa Gordon Meets the Love of His Life

Chapter Ten: Grandpa Gordon Gets Better, Buys A Car, Learns to Drive and Much More

Chapter Eleven: The Best Laid Plans

Chapter Twelve: The Thunderbirds

Chapter Thirteen: Grandpa Gordon and his New Wife

Chapter Fourteen: Papa Thomas visits the Hospital

Chapter Fifteen: There and Back Again–A New Life

Chapter Sixteen: Clara Gets a Job

Chapter Seventeen: The Good and the Bad

Chapter Eighteen: The Vietnam War

Chapter Nineteen: Grandpa Gordon is in Charge

Chapter Twenty: What Now?

Part Two: Papa Sam The Next Generation

Chapter Twenty-one: Sam Realizes that He Is Different

Chapter Twenty-two: Sam Discovers the Reason for this Difference and Blames Himself

Chapter Twenty-three: Sam’s Struggle to Earn His Father’s Love

Chapter Twenty-four: Sam Finally Realizes that he is Not to Blame

Chapter Twenty-five: Sam’s Search Ends at a Dinner Table

Chapter Twenty-six: Sam Goes to a Jr. College

Chapter Twenty-seven: Sam Joins the Air Force

Chapter Twenty-Eight: Sam Gets Married

Chapter Twenty-nine: Sam Learns to Fly

Chapter Thirty: Sam Becomes a Father

Chapter Thirty-one: Sam Goes to Iraq

Chapter Thirty-two: Sam Gets Shot Down and Rescues a Dog?

Chapter Thirty-three: Sam Gets Divorced

Chapter Thirty-four: Sam Finds Love Again

Chapter Thirty-five: Sam has a Daughter

Chapter Thirty-six: Sam Moves his Family to Washington D.C.

Chapter Thirty-seven: Sam’s Daughter Yua is Kidnapped

Chapter Thirty-eight: Sam Leaves the Marines and the Search Continues

Chapter Thirty-nine: Sam and Sakura Both Die

Chapter Forty: Tammy’s Demise



Family Timeline

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