Anderson Family Time Line

Time Table

1921 Gordon Grandfather was born (1921-1997); (Parents Thomas Anderson and Lilian Ackerman- Anderson)

1932 Clara Grandmother future wife of Grandpa Gordon was born (1935-2008)

1940 Gordon enlisted in the RCAF and fought in WWII, records 10 kills

1945 Gordon retires from RCAF

1946 Gordon enlists in the USAF

1949 Gordon becomes an instructor in Las Vegas AFB

1950 Gordon fights in Korean war, records 5 kills

1953 Gordon meets Clara in a VA Hospital ER

1953 Gordon joins the Thunderbirds

1956 Gordon marries Clara

1956 Gordon takes command 0f the Gunnery school as Colonel, buys house in Mountains Shadows Planned Family Houses

1958 Thomas Anderson dies, on March 13

1960 Christine has their first child and only daughter on Oct 15th

1960 Lilian (Ackerman) Anderson dies on March 13

1963 Friday December 13th, Sam their only son is born, Pauline experiences complications in childbirth and has to have a hysterectomy

1965 first quinquennial family reunion on March 13th (celebrate evry five years on anniversary date of the death of their parents

1965 Grandpa Gordon volunteers for duty in the Vietnam war, he only serves one tour of duty as he became disillusioned with the war, he recorded 2 kills in defense of an American Base under attack by the North Vietnamese AF

1968 Gordon gets promoted to Brigadier General and takes command of the newly transferred 474th Fighter Wing and the 4525th Fighter Weapons Wing (FWW) which is converted to the 57th Wing

1969 Grandpa Gordon Starts calling his son Sam instead of Samuel, landmark event for the both of them

1970 March 13th, 2nd quinquennial family reunion

1970 Robert Wilson Clara’s father died

1975 March 13th, 3rd quinquennial family reunion

1975 Constance Wilson, Clara’s mother died

1976 Papa Gordon gets promoted to Major General

1980 Grandpa Gordon retires at age 59

1980 March 13th, 4th and last quinquennial family reunion

1980 James the eldest brother of Grandpa Gordon dies

1980 Clara retires from the hospital after 25 years

1981 Sam Goes to college and joins the Air Force ROTC

1982 Christine marries Mark Spencer

1985 Sam enters Air Force and goes to Boot Camp in Texas

1985 Sam Marries first wife Tammy

1986 Sam enters fighter pilot school in Texas

1987 Sam becomes a pilot, assigned to MacDill AFB in the 56th Tactical Wing

1988 Peter is born, Sam stationed at Luke AFB in the 52nd Fighter Squadron

1990 Sam is stationed at Elgin AFB and is attached to the 33rd Tactical Fighter Wing.

1990 Sam stationed at King Faisal Air Base in Tabum, Saudi Arabia for Operation Desert Storm

1991 Sam is shot down by SAM missile, rescues Sarge a Kurdish Mastiff and eventually gets exposed to burn pits in Iraq while flying sorties in Kuwait

1992 Sam divorces Tammy r/t meeting high roller at Binion’s Steakhouse and hooks up with him. The high roller doesn’t want Peter, so Papa Sam gets full custody of him.

1992 Grandpa Gordon and Mama Clara sell their house in Las Vegas and buy a small ranch-style house in Southern Arizona with 100 + acres of land. They do so to raise Peter and to have a place for Papa Sam’s dog Sarge to roam freely on.

1994 Sam is stationed at Misawa Air Base in Aormori Prefecture, Japan

1995 Sam marries second wife Sakura

1996 Yua their daughter is born

1998 Sam and Sakura move to the DC where Sam is stationed at Andrews AFB, Peter moves in with them

1999 Ichika, Sakura’s younger sister emigrates from Japan and also moves in with them.

2000 Yua is kidnapped at a park, Sam was deployed overseas on a special assignment at the time. Sam already under the weather passes out when he is notified of Yua’s kidnapping. He is vigorously tested, and they discover he has cancer.

2001 Sam obtains hardship discharge for health reasons.

2003 Sam finally succumbs to cancer after wasting away to virtually nothing.

2003 Ichika moves out to the countryside, she can’t stand the guilt any more of Yua’s kidnapping.

2005 Grandpa Gordon Dies of MI on his farm playing with his dogs.

2005 Sakura, deeply depressed due to loss of daughter and husband dies of accidental OD from sleeping pills and anti-depressants. Peter moves in with Aunt Ichika. Mama Clara gives one of Sarge’s offspring to Peter.

2007 Peter is becoming obsessed with his sister’s kidnapping and Ichika’s guilt, enters the police academy.

2008 Mama Clara Dies quietly in her sleep.

2012 Tammy commits suicide in Turkey