Lamai Saelim was 28 years old and lived in Bangkok, Thailand. She had always dreamed of living in the United States, so when this rather plain looking and slightly overweight Frenchman named Francois Thuet showed an interest in her, she was all over him. While Francois was French by birth due to his business and frequent travel, he held a dual citizenship. However, had lived in the US for the last ten years and now considered it to be his home.

By the end of his two week vacation in Bangkok, they had become inseparable. When he left to go home he promised to keep in touch with her. True to his word, he did keep in touch. He was no fool, Lamai was incredibly hot, though she was a little cool in bed. Hopefully, that would change with time. Even so, he considered himself to be quite fortunate. He never thought he would attract someone so beautiful. Within six months, they were married and living together in Washington D.C.

While Lamai would never be a great lover, she was adequate in bed. Within six months, she was pregnant and nine months later delivered a healthy baby girl, who they named Yancy. Now, the truth be told, our Francois was a bit more than he let on. One of the reasons he left France and made the US his home was that there had been some questions raised in his town about his relationship with an underage girl, so when there was an opening in the Washington D.C branch of his company, he quickly took it.

Francois did not take advantage of the opportunities that Washington D.C provided to turn over a new leaf. He did so to feed his desires. Let’s face it, if you have enough money, you can pretty much get whatever you want in our nation’s capital. He, therefore, spent the next ten years exploring the seedier side of the city. During this time, his taste for younger girls continued to grow. After having a few close calls with the Metro Police, he decided to play it cool for a while. He also decided to take advantage of his large PTO accrual and visit Thailand. One of the reasons he visited Thailand was to find and marry a Thai woman. While Lamai was quite beautiful, she was quite petite and had extremely small breasts. He was hoping that her nearly prepubescent body would help to quench his growing thirst for young girls.

Until she got pregnant, everything was going along well. However, once she had the baby, her body changed and became more womanly, which was a big turn-off for him. Besides that, she was no longer as interested in sex. Unfortunately, as her interest in sex waned, his needs became even stronger and started to include more aberrant forms of sex. When they first got married, Lamai had made it quite clear that she only wanted straight sex. So, this renewed appetite, to put politely, more adventurous forms of sex was causing more issues between them.

By the time their daughter was three years old, their sex life had reached a critical point. Her interest in it had still not improved. They were now only engaging in coitus once or twice a month. She showed no interest in trying any position but the missionary one. In her defense, she simply was afraid of trying the dogey style or any other position because she felt it might give him ideas about going where he shouldn’t.

Finally, his cravings got too strong. So he did the only thing he could think of, and that was to threaten her with divorce and deportation. When he gave her this ultimatum, there was no way that Lamai was going to leave her home and go back to Thailand. There was one thing about Lamai, she was not dumb or naive. She could tell that her husband’s tastes leaned towards younger girls. She could also sense that the changes her pregnancy had made in her body now made her less appealing to him.

Well, if young girls are what he wanted, why not? Their brat was always crying, wetting the bed, and had become quite spoiled. Maybe she rationalized some fatherly attention would do her some good. If he wanted to try different things, let it be with Yancy instead of her. If it took sacrificing her daughter so that she could stay in the US, then so be it.

Unfortunately for Yancy, her father had no off switch. After one particularly vigorous episode, Yancy would not stop bleeding. He desperately tried everything to stop it. Finally, he yelled to Lamai that he needed help. When she came into Yancy ‘s room, there was blood every. She immediately screamed at him and said, “What have you done, You animal!” By the time she calmed down enough to check on Yancy, it was too late.

Lamai told him that since he did this thing, he could clean up the mess, as she stomped out her daughter’s room. So he got a couple of garbage bags and wrapped Yancy up in her blankets and tied her poor little body in the doubled-up garbage bags. He then took the rest of the garbage bags with him as he carried her body to the car. He laid out the extra bags in the trunk to make sure no blood leaked onto the trunk floor. That is the last thing he needed was trace blood in their car.

After he placed her body in the trunk, he went back up to her room and looked for evidence of blood left behind. Since she was occasionally having accidents at night, they had kept a plastic mattress cover on her bed, so this Alsop helped to contain the blood. He had used the mattress cover along with the doubled-up garbage bags, so there were actually three layers of plastic, so there definitely was no extraneous blood left behind in the room. He had, of course, taken a shower before he brought her body down to the car, so he figured that there was no blood or traces of her on him.

The next thing he needed was a place to dispose of the body. After driving around for a while, he found a dumpster a couple of miles away and dumped her body there. There was only one problem now, how did they explain what happened to their daughter.

Lamai and Francois were fortunate in many respects because they led such a private life. They had few friends and no family that had seen Yancy since she was born. She was still too young for school, so they were OK there. All they needed was a replacement. Because of his particular tastes and appetites, he had made a lot of “friends”. So he put a few feelers out the next day for a less than scrupulous adoption agency.

It just so happens that Simpson’s adoption agency was just such a place. It was run by a couple, Mark and Silvia Simpson. When Francois told them what he needed, they said no problem. They had scouts routinely going out to scout for likely children and they knew of one young girl that would fit the bill perfectly. It would however, cost $50,000, but their would be no questions asked and no paper trail to connect you to the child. Francois was shocked by the price, but he had no real choice, that is if he wanted to stay out of prison.

He had been putting money away for just such a contingency for several years now. He did so because he knew that his unique tastes might get him into hot water at some point in time in his life. Thanks to his foresight and diligence, he had been able to put aside over $80,000. Because he didn’t trust banks, not so much that they would lose his money, but that there would be a record of him withdrawing large sums of money. So he kept the money in a wall safe he had installed when he first bought the condo.

The Simpson’s told him, “You will have the girl in two days after we have received the first $25,000. The second portion of the ‘finder’s fee’ will be payable when upon receipt of the ‘package’.”

“You will have the money by five pm today.” Francois Replied.