Chapter One–Peter Stays Home Sick

Today my big brother Peter stayed home from school because he was sick. What a lucky dog he is. I have been in and out of his room several times to see how he is doing and to see if he wants to play any games, but he is no fun, all he wants to do is sleep. Mommy told me that Peter would not be able to go to the park with me today. My Aunty Ichika will be taking me so she can stay and take care of him.

I guess it is alright, but it is a lot more fun when Peter comes along. The only good thing about going with my Aunty Ichika is that we can go earlier, which means I can stay longer at the park. To make up for Peter not coming, Mommy said that I could bring my new dolly with me to show my friends.

Mommy told me that I would be going to the park at 1:00 in the afternoon, so that means the little hand on the clock will be at one and the big hand will be on the 12. I am so happy that I can tell time now. It makes me feel like a big person. I even have a regular bed instead of a crib now. Everybody says that I am growing so fast. I can’t wait to help my Mommy and Aunty Ichika cook food in our kitchen.

The more I looked at the clock in the kitchen, the slower the hands seemed to move. I know what I will do to make time go by faster, I will take my crayons and coloring book in Peter’s room and color there so I can keep him company. I am sure that will make him very happy.

Watching my brother sleep is making me feel sleepy too. So I decided to go and get my blanky and take a nap next to my big brother on the floor beside his bed.

The next thing I know is that Aunty Ichika is waking me up. “Yua you need to wake up, it is 1:00 in the afternoon. It is time to go to the park.”

I quickly jumped up and exclaimed, “Oh my goodness it is time to go, I am going to have so much fun.” I quickly grab my blanket, coloring book and crayons and bring them back to my room.

Aunty Ichika yells to me as I run down the hallway, “Don’t forget to bring your new doll with you.”

I quickly grabbed my dolly and said goodbye to Peter and kissed my Mommy, and then I took Aunty Ichika’s hand and started to drag her out the door.

Mommy laughed and told Aunty Ichika not to worry she would shut and lock the door behind her.