Chapter Two–Yua Goes to the Park With Ichika and Meets Bad People

Even though there were a couple of closer parks to their housing in Andrews AFB, Little Yua’s favorite park was Harrison’s Recreational Playground. It was approximately 20 miles away so it required them to take a public transit bus with a couple of connections along the way to get to it. This was the least favorite part of the day for Aunt Ichika, but Little Yua seemed to like watching the sites go by as they made their way to “her” playground for their daily ritual.

Finally they arrived at the park. As soon as the bus stopped, I grabbed my dolly and Aunty Ichika’s hand and dragged her out of the bus to my favorite part of the playground. My two best friends, Jamie and Kristy were already there playing on the slides. I immediately had to show Kristy my new dolly. Of course, Jamie had no interest and just kept playing on the slide.

Kristy asked me if I had a name for her, and I ashamedly said, ” No.” Kristy volunteered Molly as a name. I immediately agreed. My new dolly would forever be known as Molly Anderson. After we played with Molly for a while we decided that it was about time to play on the rides. So I brought Molly over to Aunty Ichika to hold her for me.

We played on the swings and went down the slides over and over again. We were almost to the point where we took our sneakers off and played in the water to cool off some. After that, we would dry off and go back home.

Then out of nowhere I heard barking, and then this big brown-colored doggy run by us. Then this pretty young man followed behind him yelling and calling for the doggy to stop running. Just as they went by, this strange man (kidnapper #1 Frank Jackson) came up to me and offered me a big lollipop. Before I knew it I was holding and licking my new lollipop. I knew I should not be doing this but it tasted so good. After I took a couple of licks I started feeling a little funny.

Soon afterward we were walking really fast out of the park. I wanted to tell him to stop because my Aunty Ichika would be worried, but I couldn’t speak out. In the confusion, I dropped my lollipop. The next thing I knew was that this yellow car stopped next to us. A big man (kidnapper #2 Thomas Ward) got out of the car, and he and the man who gave me the lollipop picked me up and put me into the backseat. I tried to yell again, but my mouth was not making any noise.

As the car starts moving,I am getting very sleepy and soon everything goes dark.

*Note Paul Miller is the driver of the taxi cab.**

I wake up in a dark room lying on a hard floor. I am very cold and scared. I look around, but I can’t see anything because it it is so dark. I start to cry because I miss my Mommy and my aunty and even my bratty brother, Peter. I continue crying as I hear loud voices coming closer and closer. Suddenly a door opens up and bright lights come on.