Chapter Three–Yua Gets New Parents and Gets Brainwashed

A group of cleaners are washing the brain. (Used clipping mask)

As my eyes get adjusted to the bright light, I see a big scary man and a mean-looking lady in the doorway looking at me. I beg them to take me back to my Mommy. They continue to stare at me for a really long time before they tell me that this is my new house. The lady says something very hurtful to me. She says that I was a bad girl and that my mother did not want me anymore.

When they finished, they slammed the door loudly. I could hear it make a clicking noise, so I knew the door was locked. At least they left the light on. This made me feel a little better because I am scared of the dark. There is no place  to pee, and I am too ‘fraid to call out, so I wet myself. I am such a bad girl, and I know Mommy would be mad at me but I can’t help it. Because I am so ashamed of myself, I start crying all over again.

After I finally stopped crying, I started looking around the room. I see a thin mattress in the corner of the room with a brown-colored blanket lying in a pile on it. Because I am now all wet, I am starting to get cold, so I sit on the mattress and wrap the blanket around me like a cocoon. I am so scared and lonely that I start crying some more before I finally fall asleep.

After a very long time, the door to my new room opens up. The mean lady and man come into my room bringing with them food, water, new clothes, a big bucket and a roll of poop paper. The man put the bucket in a corner of the room, and he then set my food and water on a small table near my mattress. The lady makes me take all my clothes off including my panties. She then makes me put the new clothes on. The clothes are too big for me.

The mean lady notices the face I make and simply said, “You will grow into them, now eat your food before it gets cold.”

I think the big man was looking at me when I had no clothes on. He scares me and makes me feel dirty.

As the big man and the mean lady left the room she said, “We are your parents now. Your mother didn’t want you anymore, so she gave you to us. So you need to do what we say. If you do, life will be a lot better for you.”

I wanted to say that she was lying about my Mommy but I was afraid they might hurt me if I did. I know my Mommy loves me, I will just keep that my secret.

The food tasted yucky but I was very, very hungry so I ate it anyway. Now that my tummy was full, I started feeling very tired. I just made it to my mattress before I fell asleep. When I woke up I really had to go to the bathroom, so I used the big bucket.

While I was sleeping, my new “parents” brought me more food. It was a peanut butter and jelly sandwich with a small carton of milk. I quickly ate it and drank the milk. This time I did not get sleepy after eating. Next to the food on the table was a box with a bow on it. There was a card next to the box. It said “Happy Birthday, Yancy. The same name was on the box as well. I did not know what to do, so I left the box unopened.

Later on the mean lady brought in more food for me. She looked mad. ” Why did you not open your gift?”

I blurted out, “It was for Yancy, my name is Yua. My Mommy told me not to touch things that don’t belong to me.”

The mean woman slapped me across the face and screamed at me, “I am your mother now, and your new name is Yancy. You are never to mention that other person ever again or say the name Yua again. Because you are bad you will go to bed hungry tonight. When I check up on you later you had better be in bed.”

After my mean Mommy left with my dinner, I got on my mattress and cried myself to sleep. In the morning I woke up very hungry. The only thing on the table was the box. So I opened it up. Inside the box was a pretty dolly in a light blue dress. She had a bonnet covering her brown curly hair. I didn’t want to take the gift but she was so pretty I couldn’t help myself. So I took her in my arms and hugged her. Then I took her to my mattress and started playing with her.

Just a few minutes later the door opened and in came my mean Mommy. She was carrying a tray of food and she had a big smile on her face. I am glad you like your doll. Her name is Amy. I made you pancakes with syrup for your breakfast.

I told her, “Thank you for my new dolly Amy, she is very pretty.”

This continued every few weeks. A new toy would appear on the table with my breakfast. After a while, things got better. They were both nicer to me. One day my mattress was taken out and a regular bed was put in the room. I even got a chair to sit on when I ate at my table. All the time I have been in this room I had to stand while I ate.

I could tell they wanted me to call them Mommy and Daddy but I couldn’t make myself do this. I no longer cry myself to sleep.

One day they took me out of the room and brought me to a real bathroom with a bathtub. They had it filled with hot water and it had a lot of fun foam in it. I was allowed to get in the tub by myself without them being in the room. It felt so good to be clean again. The wash cloths they had given me to wash up just did not help much.

When I got out of the tub, there were fresh clean clothes for me to wear. I had been wearing the same clothes forever. As I was brought back to my room it happened I slipped up and said, “Thank you, Mommy.” When I went to bed that night I cried myself to sleep as I tried my best to remember what my real Mommy looked like. It was getting harder and harder to remember her face. The details of her were fading.

After a while it started to slip out more and more as I called the woman taking care of me “Mommy”. My life gradually got better. My fifth birthday came and went. However, the one thing I wanted more than anything and that was to play outdoors did not happen. The only time I got to leave my room was to take a bath once a month.

Even after being locked up for a very long time in my room I was still pooping in the bucket. My new daddy would empty it out every day, so it didn’t smell. It would be nice to go into a real bathroom but I knew better than to push them. I can still remember being slapped by my new Mommy. She hit me so hard I saw funny little stars. My life had settled into a routine and after a while, I couldn’t remember anything else. Then my life as I knew it ended.