Chapter Four–Yua Discovers Satan

One night I was sleeping in my bed and hugging my teddy bear when I was woken up by hands touching me. I immediately wanted to scream but I couldn’t because a big hand covered my mouth. Then I heard the most evil sounding voice whisper in my ear. It said, “If you say anything, I will hurt you really bad.”

Then the hand covering my mouth started moving towards my belly. The hand kept going down my body. It stopped when it reached where I go peepee. I don’t understand what happened next. All I know what happened next was not very nice. The big hand did bad things to me.

My real Mommy and Daddy had never did these things to me. I know this because I would remember if they did. All I could do was cry and whimper. Finally the pain stopped, and I felt a wet kiss on my cheek and then a whispered voice that said, “Good girl.” I could not sleep anymore, all I coud do was just cry and whimper as I lay all curled up in a ball.

The next night it happened again. This time it felt different. I don’t think it was a hand this time, and it hurt even more. Because I was so tired from not sleeping the night before I fell asleep crying. In the morning, there was red stuff on my bed and I was very sore down in my private area. It even hurt to sit and walk. I tried to clean up the red stuff on my bed but I couldn’t. I know my new Mommy will be really angry with me when she sees it.

Every night I am getting woken up in the middle of the night by this evil man. I can’t see who it is because it is dark but it has to be my new Daddy. I don’t know why he wants to hurt me but he seems to like doing it. Each morning I look for the red stuff but there is a little less each time. My private parts still hurts but now I can sit and walk without it hurting more.

I noticed that since I started getting my midnight caller, I started getting more and more toys left in my room. This continued for quite some time. Then, one night, I felt something touch me where I poop. This time, the pain was really bad, and I couldn’t help it. I started to scream, but a strong hand clamped down on my mouth like before and stopped me. In the morning, there was a lot more red stuff.

My new Mommy was really mad when she came to change my bed linen and saw all the red. She asked me what had happened. I said, “I didn’t know.” All I could think of were those whispered words from the mean man. I don’t think she believed me. When she finished cleaning everything up and changing my bed clothes she started yelling at my new Daddy.

I know she was really mad at him because she used all kinds of bad words. All I could understand were the words, “Not again!” After their fight I didn’t get any more visitors at night.

After their fight, my new Daddy was not nice to me any longer. Even my new Mommy was not as nice to me. The food they brought to me didn’t taste as good either. When I didn’t eat the bad tasting food, they started yelling at me. I am getting worried that something bad is going to happen to me.