Chapter Five–Yua Gets Kidnapped Again and Goes for a Plane Ride

Yua/Yancy has lived as a virtual prisoner of the Thuets for two years and is now six years old. She has experienced more in her short life than anyone should ever experience. She has not seen the light of day or enjoyed breathing fresh air in these two years. She has been forced to use a bucket to answer her calls of nature. She has lived at the beck and call and whim of her illegally adopted parents during this time all the  while fearing for her very life if she misspoke. If this weren’t enough, she has over the last year been subjected to the ultimate degradation of being repeatedly raped and sodomized every night by her cowardly father.

Now that she is getting older and is becoming a threat to them, they’re going to sell her back to the original kidnappers. By doing this they are guaranteeing that the rest of Yua/Yancy’s life will be a living hell. Even though this tale is fiction, there are countless real life examples taking place every day in our country and around the world. All you have to do is stop, look and listen to your surroundings. Even though I devoted a lot of time doing research to make my first volume of the Andersons as realistic as possible, I devoted even more time on the second volume of this duology.

What I have discovered during my investigation is nothing short of soul crushing. The depravity that the human race is capable of is absolutely amazing. I am not just talking about what acts strangers are capable of inflicting on other strangers but what close family members do to each other as well.

In our fictional work, Francois Thuet repeatedly raped and sodomized his own daughter Yancy to the point that her poor little body just gave out. In order to save their selfish hides, the Thuets decided to destroy another family. Luckily for Francois, the death penalty was abolished on 1992 in Washington, D.C, so all they have to worry about is avoiding life imprisonment.

Now that Yua/Yancy is six years old and is becoming a liability they have decided to act. The couple have had ample time to hatch out a diabolical plan to extricate themselves from the death of their four year old daughter. Their plan intails faking the kidnapping of their “daughter ” by sex traffickers, knowing full well that the success rate of closing these types of cases is virtually non-existent. By following through with this plan they have basically committed the perfect crime.

Francois contacted their old adoption agency and were informed that it would cost them $25,000 for the kidnapping. The price was stee, but their work was impeccable. To ensure that she would never turn up, the traffickers were going to ship her to Turkey. While it was true that they could have simply killed Yua/Yancy and disposed of her body, in their own strange way, they had become attached to her and couldn’t make themselves snub her life out.

To make things easier for the kidnappers, they laced Yua/Yancy’s food with drugs so that she would be knocked out. The poor thing never knew what hit her. One moment she was playing with her toys after she had finished her breakfast when she started yawning and then fell back on her bed sound asleep.

The kidnappers Frank and Thomas had brought a large trunk with them. There were breathing holes drilled in it and there was padding along with a couple of straps to keep the body from moving around. The only thing she was wearing was a small adult diaper. They had learned from previous experiences that drugged kids tend to have accidents. After they had her strapped in and the trunk was locked they loaded it on a dolly and rolled her out of the Thuet’s life.

Now the real work began for the Thuets.

** Note: I have devoted the next chapter for their story.**

Frank and Thomas loaded the trunk into the white panel moving van and Paul drove them to a private airport. Yua/Yancy was going to be flown all the way to Turkey by private jet and that is one of the reasons the price was so steep. They could only keep her sedated for so long without risking killing her. Once the trunk was loaded on the plane, the new team members Burak and Hakon took her out of the trunk, changed her undergarment and cleaned her up. They dressed her up in a traditional children’s Turkish dress and strapped her into one of the seats on the plane.

Insurance of Yua at 6 years of age taken by Burak

When they landed in Turkey they would just lightly sedate her to make her easier to control. It was just a lot easier than stuffing her back into the trunk. They were not doing these things to be nice. The traffickers were pragmatists and they always looked for the path of least resistance. The kidnappers had also placed her favorite doll in the trunk with her again simply for expediency.

Once the plane was cleared for takeoff smelling salts were used to wake Yua/Yancy up. They wanted to make sure that their valuable package was not damaged. Granted they were paid $25,000 for the kidnapping but that pie had to be divided up into several slices. The real money would be made over the next 10 or so years. The profits could easily be in the millions for each child sex slave.

When Yua/Yancy woke up it was to the learing faces of Burak and Hakon. She still was a little groggy, so her responses were a little sluggish.

I slowly opened my eyes, it was very hard to keep them open because they were so heavy. After a while I was able to keep them open. There were two mean dark-skinned men looking at me. I tried to move out of the way but I was tied down to a seat. I was able to move my arms and hands some. Sitting next me was my favorite dolly, Amy. Even though I was afraid I was happy as well.

Burak, one of the mean men spoke to me, “Once you wake completely up we have food for you to eat. We will be in this plane for a long time, so you will need to eat. If you are good we will untie you and let you use a real bathroom. If you are bad we will keep you tied up and you can just sit in your pee and poop. What will it be?”

Yua/Yancy haltingly said, “I will be good, I won’t do bad things. Can I look out of the window?”

Burak showing some humanity actually smiled and said, “Yes, little lady you may look out of the window, and you can walk around the cabin all you want, there after all is no place for you to go.”

Even though Yua/Yancy was afraid, it appeared that she was in no immediate danger of being hurt, so she happily played with her doll Amy. She was six years old now and it was no longer called a dolly. She ate a couple of meals and went to the bathroom several times.

After a while she had the nerve to ask the nice man Burak if she would ever see her parents again. He kindly replied, “No my child, you will never see them again. You will meet new people that you will call your family.”

Yua/Yancy asked one more question, “Can I go by my old name Yua?”

Burak quite surprised by this request replied, “It is not my decision, but I see no reason that you can’t use that name.”

Yua simply said, “Thank you.”

A slightly sad looking Burat just nodded in reply. For the first time since he chose this career path he was having regrets. For some reason this innocent young girl touched him. He knew that he had no choice in the matter, but he didn’t have to like it either. He knew that if he tried to do anything to save one of these girls, his bosses would not give it a second thought of killing him. There was just too much money at stake.

**While Burak could do nothing to save Yua from her life of servitude, he would be instrumental in assisting Peter finding justice for his sister. He was also the only one that Peter spared.**

Once the plane landed in Istanbul, it was the job Burak and Hakon to transport the children to the brothel that would essentially become their home. This was the part that Burak hated the most. Many of the children were just to young to understand where they had been brought or what would become of their lives. He knew this was going to be especially hard on little Yua.

The flight went by quickly for our Little Yua. Over the last two years she had matured way past her years. She had learned one lesson and that is you have to live for today because you never knew what tomorrow would bring. So she had fun playing in the plane, it also helped the time go by quicker. She knew that this couldn’t last and that bad things were going to happen soon.

When the plane landed my new friend Burak walked over and took my hand. He told me that we were almost to my knew home. We just had to get off the plane and ride in a big truck for a little while. I was too small to fight these big men and besides my friend Burak liked me and wouldn’t do anything to hurt me.