Can President Trump Win Again in 2020?

I have written several articles on our President Trump. A list of the links have been provided at the bottom of this article for your convenience. This article will, however address different aspects on President Trump’s Presidency.

I frankly don’t know what keeps President Trump going, but the obvious answer being his incredible love for this country. He has suffered more setbacks than just about any president in our history. He is being censored and attacked by the media, social media and the Democratic party and many groups, BLM, Antifa and just about every other left leaning group there is. I recently wrote an article on the Polling process, entitled “Polls, How Accurate Are They?” Currently the polls have Trump way behind Biden. However, as I discussed in my article, I do not trust them very much. I think the results are all part of the left’s fake news campaign against Trump.

But I do know if President Trump is going to win a second term, he needs to be more aggressive in his campaign, he also needs to stop “shooting himself in the ass” with the social media. Every time he “goes off reservation” he takes a hit in popularity. He comes off as being very un-president like. He can’t afford to make any mistakes. The economy and the Pandemic are working against him. He is not obviously going to get any real help from Congress. I believe most of the Republican Senators are going into survival mode and are distancing themselves from President Trump. What we need is some big wins in congress to help jump start our country. The Democrats are not going to do anything that will help his campaign. They don’t care if it hurts the country or not. Actually the Left wants our economy to fail. In my recent article entitled “The Plot to Destroy America When and How Did It Start? I discussed reasons behind their efforts to destroy capitalism. If President Trump loses this election, you can bet you will see that many if not all of my predictions will come true.

There was recently a shake-up in the President’s Campaign organization, I hope that this means that he will be more focused in his campaign. I know he has a lot on his plate. But he has to rise above it and show the country that he is above all the petty bickering that is Washington DC. During the 1960 Presidential campaign between Nixon and Kennedy, Nixon while being much more experienced came off looking worn out and over worked, while Kennedy looked like nothing phased him. He basically won the election in the debate, just by presentation alone. That is what Trump needs to do now.

He needs to find a way to change up his speeches. I have listened to several of them, frankly they are just repetition of the same message. He needs to find a way to change them up. He can’t keep discussing the past, the people want to hear what he is doing now. He can’t campaign on negativity, he has to be positive. I have stated in past articles that he can only attack Biden, Pilosi and Schumer right now. Stop engaging in wars with the media. The majority of the people know that the media is biased. These petty battles accomplish nothing positive, they only hurt him.

This country is only concerned about the following: The pandemic (we need accurate information, there are too many different stories floating around, we need facts), the economy( people want to work), Safety ( people want to be safe, we need something done at a National level about the police, stop the defunding nonsense), Open the country (people are tired of everything being closed). If you are not working about these things you are wasting your time. Nothing else matters until after November. China, BLM, Antifa, Congressional hearings, Tax Returns (he needs to release his tax returns, all this crap just hurts him even more, people are forgiving and if nothing else forgetful*) and the Wall can all wait till 2021. If he loses the election nothing else matters.

This country deserves his full attention, he needs to stay focused and campaign like this country’s future depends on it, because it does. If he does these things, maybe with a few miracles he will win.

Addendum: * This is a quote from The Tom Clancy Thriller “Clear and Present Danger”.

Analyst Jack Ryan makes a suggestion to the current President about his relationship with a money launderer for a drug cartel, who was recently found murdered, “If they ask if you were friends,” he counseled, “say, ’No, he was a good friend.’ If they ask if he was a good friend, say ’We were lifelong friends.’ It would give them no place to go. Nothing to report. No story.”

In other words, don’t run from the problem; run towards it and defuse it. Don’t evade; invade. Embrace it, undermine its relevance, and take the wind out of its sails. This is why I feel that President Trump should release his tax returns.

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