Is Biden A Trojan Horse?

I have written several articles on our Presidential candidate Biden. A list of the links have been provided at the bottom of this article for your convenience. This article will, however address different aspects on Presidential candidate Biden’s Campaign and future presidency.

I have heard the phrase Trojan horse and Biden mentioned several times and in different contexts together. Some say that he is a Trojan horse for Socialism under the guise of a democratic moderate. However, I after observing his choices of his future cabinet members and senior advisors, that he is the exact opposite. I believe he has been running as a progressive, making all kinds of promises to the liberals to gain their support and vote. Even going to the extent of adopting Bernie Sanders 100 plus page socialist agenda. However, I believe that actions speak louder than words. I believe Biden is a chameleon and a jellyfish. You don’t survive almost 50 years in the D.C. swamp by being inflexible. You have to be willing to make concessions and bend to popular opinion. Radicals that are firm in one belief system tend not to survive or succeed. That is why Bernie Sanders has only gotten so far with his agenda. He is just to radical and inflexible. His beliefs only get him so far, then he starts hitting resistance and eventually and impenetrable wall.

Biden has been on the wrong side of the fence on many occasions, he has even ran for President twice and failed two times, only to apparently succeed on his third try. This goes against the norm, most candidates if they don’t succeed on their first or second attempt at the presidency, never succeed. He has shown a remarkable resiliency and durability. At first he presets himself as a bumpkin, making repeated gaffes. Because he has been guilty of this repeatedly, people reason that he is just plain ignorant. I believe that he is quite intelligent, he is just lazy like George W. Bush. Biden has been guilty of taking the easy route by his use of blatant plagiarism. As a matter of fact it caused him one presidential campaign in 1988. It almost got him kicked out of Law School in 1965. He has shown that his advanced age has not improved his lack of originality. During his  2020 he repeatedly stole Trump’s campaign platform. He only got away with it this time, is due to a biased media. They have covered for him on more than one occasion.  I have discussed the allegations made against him in corruption with his son Hunter while he was Obama’s Vice President.  So I won’t rehash this topic, but suffice it to say, the media gave him a pass on this too.

So I make the assertion that Biden has been successful, by being mediocre and doing just enough to get by. He knows his strengths and his weaknesses. Every time he sticks his head out of the swampy water, he puts his foot in his mouth. When he has tried to assert himself and make a name for himself, he has chosen the wrong side. Nobody can deny that his 1994 Crime Bill was a disaster. This was his one claim to fame in 47 years, and yet it was an abject failure. Not much of a record to run on.

Biden ran a second time for president in 2007, he eventually dropped out the following year after showing a poor showing in the Iowa caucus. And yet he still managed to salvage his career. He turned defeat into a victory of sorts by somehow managing to get chosen by the more popular Barack Obama as his his Vice Presidential choice. This was an amazing accomplishment to attain the second most powerful person in the world, after accomplishing virtually nothing in 40 years. Biden is truly a D.C. Swamp success story.

Even though Biden has did little in his political career, he has learned how to work the system and how to gain powerful allies. By the 2020 presidential election, his success was virtually assured. His support system was so extensive and strong that he slept the entire time and he could have won. He probably would have been better for it. The press and media did all the work, while big tech covered up for any prior corruption issues. They destroyed the sexual assault allegations from 1993 that were made by Tara Reade. They completely squelched the issue with Hunter Biden’s laptop computer, which proved that they were both guilty of graft from 2008 to 2016 while he was Vice President under Obama. Any other political candidate would have been ruined by just one of these allegations, yet he survived both of them. He also survived countless racial slurs  and gaffes in interviews and campaign speeches. He repeatedly lied in his campaign and made claims that he would end fracking and our use of oil and coal and yet he almost won Texas and in fact did win Pennsylvania. This was possible only because of the Press  and its biased coverage. The positive coverage Biden received was so positive and so pervasive it was basically like he was covered with Teflon.

His choice of Kamala Harris as Vice President was obviously a mistake, and yet the media twisted it so much that it actually became a positive choice for him. Her choice as his running mate obviously made the left happy. It showed them that he was serious about following their Socialist agenda. However, I believe  this was simply a ruse by him and his advisers. I initially thought that Kamala Harris was going to be the dominant member in this team, but I now think that she will be marginalized, once he is in office. Now that he has been elected to the office of President and is only waiting for confirmation by the electoral college in December, all pretenses of his “Progressiveness” is being shed. While some of his choices may make the left happy, they are being made for other reasons. He is a swamp creature. He is firmly in the pocket of China, big tech and corporation lobbyists. His appointment of lobbyists as advisers gives tech and corporations a direct conduit it to the President. They are going to funnel riches straight to him. He is going to bypass the middle man. I guess he thinks his son is already rich enough.

Here is an incomplete list of Biden’s Cabinet. Nominees include Blinken for secretary of state, Alejandro Mayorkas for secretary of homeland security,  Avril Haines for director of national Intelligence, Linda Thomas-Greenfield for U.S. ambassador to the United Nations, Jake Sullivan for national security adviser and John Kerry for special presidential envoy for climate. Missouri Sen. Josh Hawley on Tuesday criticized President-elect Joe Biden‘s Cabinet picks as “corporatists,” “war enthusiasts” and Big Tech “sellouts.”

Blinken, founder of consulting firm WestExec, was Biden’s top aide in 2002 when the former senator voted for a resolution authorizing the use of force in Iraq, according to progressive magazine The Nation.

This list looks like a return of the status quo to me, a return to Obama economics and policies. Which was basically a sell-out to China and Europe. The only thing we can hope is that the Senate can be held by the Republicans. WE weathered 8 years of Obama, we can weather 4 years of Biden, provided  he doesn’t adopt the Socialist platform of Bernie Sanders. We can only hope that greed will carry the day and keep the swamp deep. At least until the Conservatives can get control of the government. So now all we can do is to wait and see how it all plays out. We can hope that Trump will persevere, but it is looking less and less likely.

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