Walls, Tunnels and Ladders, Oh My!

I have written several articles Racism and Slavery. A list of links have been provided at bottom of this article for your convenience. This article will, however address different aspects on Racism and Slavery.

There has been much criticism of the Border wall between Mexico and the United States. People have been calling it “Trump’s Folly”. They say ladders can go over walls and tunnels can go under walls. While it is true, no wall or obstacle is insurmountable, it does however, act as a deterrent. China built the Great Wall over a thousand years ago,and the marauders simply went around it, or over it. The problem with China’s wall was that it wan’t uniform. The photos we see of it were just sections of it. If the whole wall was like what we see in pictures or on TV, it truly would have been imposing and definitely a barrier to the invaders. Our wall will be uniform and it will go from border to border. To protect a wall you need to guard and patrol it. We will routinely patrol the wall, once it is finished. The wall is 30 feet high. You would need a pretty damn big ladder to climb over it, and what are you going to just jump from the top of the wall? You would need to use a rope on the other side. This seems to be quite an undertaking. Besides you can see right through the wall. How are you going to sneak a 30 foot ladder up to the wall?

Others say you can dig a tunnel. While that is true, who is going to dig it, and how long does it have to be and how deep does it have to go? There has been reported tunnels dug for drug smugglers. While this is true, these individuals are hardly your every day individual. They have resources available that the average citizen simply doesn’t have. If the average Mexican citizen had the resources and money to do this, why would they need to come to the US? They could live quite nicely in Mexico.

So the answer is yes walls and barriers can be over come, but what numbers are we talking about? Don’t you think that more people can cross a border where there is no impediment in place? So, the wall acts as a deterrent. The total volume of people crossing the border will be cut down substantially. The number of people that are able to successfully get across the border will be small enough in number so that they will now be manageable to deal with. So, considering the alternative of doing nothing to reduce these numbers and having the financial burden incurred by all these illegal aliens (California is being virtually bankrupted by them), is inconsequential with you consider the cost of the wall (estimated at $5 billion). Also, another unforeseen benefit of the wall is the reduction of Covid-19 cases where the wall has been completed. Mexico is experiencing a major increase in Covid-19 cases. We as a result have seen an increases all along our southern border as well. Except where access is restricted, of course. Remind me how much much money has the Covid-19 pandemic cost us?

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