Biden’s First Two Weeks As President

WILMINGTON, DELAWARE - JULY 14: Democratic presidential candidate former Vice President Joe Biden speaks at the Chase Center July 14, 2020 in Wilmington, Delaware. Biden delivered remarks on his campaign's 'Build Back Better' clean energy economic plan. (Photo by Chip Somodevilla/Getty Images)

I have written several articles on our Presidential candidate Biden and President Biden. A list of the links have been provided at the bottom of this article for your convenience. This article will, however address different aspects on Biden’s Campaign presidency.

Biden’s first two weeks as president have certainly been busy. He has been on a fast track to obliterate President Trumps Presidency, no matter the price the country has to pay for it. He has set records in the number of executive orders that he has written. In two weeks he has signed more EO’s than any president has signed in their entire term of office. He has wiped out thousands of jobs with a single swipe of the pen, he has ruined women’s sports with another hastily dashed off signature. He has managed to raise the ire of close allies as well as just about every special interest group in the country. He states that he wants to unify the country, yet he alienates over 74 million voters by allowing the unconstitutional impeachment of president Trump. Through all this, the press has basically been mute in condemnation of his actions.

Biden is being protected under a plan entitled “the Biden Protection Plan.” The following quotes have been gleamed from Biden staffers. “The Biden White House will use the cover of coronavirus precautions to greatly curtail his freelance moments and access to him.” “Biden now heeds guidance about staying on task with speeches and no longer worries a gaffe or two will cost him an election. His staff also limits the places where he speaks freely and off the cuff.” “This Biden protection bubble will only tighten in the months ahead, states aides.” “One prominent Democrat says the lingering question is can a nearly 80-year-old person ‘process’ multiple major issues like the pandemic, a sagging economy, an ascendant China and pesky Russia?” “The acid test, the staffer said was whether Biden could ace a Rose Garden news conference.”

It has been stated that the Democrats have been caught flat footed by their total control of Washington. No clear agenda has been presented By Biden, according to Senior democrats. While two years ago, when the Party took the House, when they articulated plans for gun control and equality.

Biden’s latest Immigration orders and actions:

+Create task force to reunite migrant families.

+Implement 3-part plan for migration across southern border.

+Review federal policies that have set up barriers to our legal immigration system.

Biden inherited a vaccine supply chain that he will be unlikely able to improve upon before April. The Trump administration invoked the Defense Production Act to force suppliers to prioritize orders from Pfizer, Moderna and other vaccine makers whose products ar still in development. Health officials said it was unclear how the new administration could use the law beyond that to boost production.

Biden in his first day of office, stopped the Keystone pipeline production, which cost the US and Canada both thousands of jobs and billions of wasted dollars on a sections of pipeline already completed. He also stopped the building of the wall between Mexico and the US. Which will leave vast sections of our country unprotected from illegal aliens. Biden is being sued by Canada and construction companies for both projects for breeching contracts.

For educational institutions, one of President Joe Biden’s inaugural Executive Orders ushers in yet another significant, multi-faceted, complicated policy change for educational institutions. On his very first day as President, on 20 January 2021, President Biden issued an “Executive Order on Preventing and Combating Discrimination on the Basis of Gender Identity or Sexual Orientation” (President Biden’s Executive Order).


President Biden’s Executive Order constituted another “shift” in the direction given to schools, so it is helpful to have some background. Under President Barak Obama’s administration, on 13 May 2016 via a “Dear Colleague” letter, the U.S. Department of Education and the U.S. Department of Justice issued joint “significant guidance” declaring that the Title IX prohibition against sex discrimination encompassed “discrimination based on a student’s gender identity, including discrimination based on a student’s transgender status.” By declaring the Dear Colleague letter “significant guidance,” although they claimed that they were not creating new laws, both federal entities made clear that in determining legal compliance with the law, they were going to be evaluating educational institutions based on their inclusion of gender identity and transgender status as protected classes. In sum, the agencies directed that “a school must not treat a transgender student differently from the way it treats other students of the same gender identity” or funding could be at risk.

Three months later, a federal district court in Texas stopped the enforcement of the 13 May 2016 guidance holding that “sex” unambiguously refers to biological sex and that the 13 May 2016 guidance was “legislative and substantive.” Nine months later on 22 February 2017, the U.S. Department of Education and the U.S. Department of Justice under President Donald Trump’s administration issued a joint “Dear Colleague” letter rescinding the guidance in the 13 May 2016 “Dear Colleague” letter. Now, President Biden has reversed the Trump administration’s 13 May 2016 “Dear Colleague” letter by Executive Order.


Relying on precedence set in the Supreme Court’s Bostock v. Clayton County case, President Biden’s Executive Order provides that for purposes of Title IX and its implementing regulations, the prohibition of discrimination based on sex includes gender identity or sexual orientation. President Biden also directs federal agency heads to evaluate revisions, suspensions, or possible revocations of policies to align with his Executive Order. In sum, for all of the ways schools have sought to prohibit and address discrimination based upon sex, i.e. being male or female, schools will now have to prohibit and address discrimination based upon a student’s sex, i.e. male, female, or any other gender identity.


Implementing President Biden’s Executive Order for schools requires a more comprehensive, yet nuanced evaluation than what may be expected for schools. Schools treating students consistent with the student’s gender identity seems pretty straightforward. If a biological male identifies as a female, then the school would treat that student as a female in all circumstances, and if a biological female identifies as a male, then the school would treat that student as a male in all circumstances. This all-encompassing, categorical summary is likely how the bulk of schools interprets the requirements. However, treating students consistent with that student’s gender identity may not be so cut and dry. “Gender identity” commonly refers to a person’s internal sense of gender or sense of self. There are over 100 genders, and the variety of gender identities continues to evolve, i.e. a person who has no sense of gender (agender), a gender that shares qualities with water (hydrogender); a person who is combined male and female (androgyne); a person who switches between two genders or experience genders simultaneously (bigender), etc. For the part of the “gender identity” definition that covers a person’s “sense of self,” there are individuals who “identify” as animals and fictional characters. Due to the wide range of possibilities for students’ subjective sense of themselves, it will be difficult for schools to avoid discrimination because of the wide-ranging, ever-evolving nature of gender identity.

There may also be circumstances where educators may find it difficult to treat a student in accordance with the student’s gender identity without causing disruption. For example, if a student identifies as a dog, and wants to be identified with a “bark” rather than a name and crawl around on the student’s hands and feet, that could potentially cause a disruption. There may also be students with subversive intent who will use the fluidity of gender identity to try to take advantage of certain access in a way that may invite potential liability on the school. There is also litigation that schools should be prepared to defend against for individuals asserting First Amendment freedom of religion and other violations in having to comply with President Biden’s Executive Order.

These are just a few examples of the types of scenarios that schools should be prepared to navigate, as the implementation of the Executive Order will assuredly present a host of challenges for schools.

A large convoy of U.S. military personnel headed into Syria on Thursday along with hundreds of troops some 24 hours after President Joe Biden took office and took on his commander-in-chief role, foreign media reported.

Citing Syrian state news agency SANA, i24 News reported that a convoy of about 40 trucks and armored vehicles “entered northeastern Syria” on Thursday supported by helicopters.

The convoy entered the country from Iraq via the al-Waleed crossing “to bring arms and logistical equipment to bases in Hasakeh and Deir Ezzor provinces,” i23 News stated.

And while “other local media” noted that such resupply convoys are not uncommon, SANA’s report added that an additional 200 U.S. troops were choppered into the Hasakeh province as well.

The report claimed that the additional troops will deploy to protect nearby oilfields on land that buttresses Kurdish-controlled territory in eastern Syria that is also said to be rich in energy resources.

“The US-led coalition has been working closely with the Kurds during the campaign against the Islamic State terrorist group in Syria, with Kurdish forces often working as ground coordinators for coalition jets during airstrikes,” i24 News reported.

Late last year, former President Donald Trump ordered U.S. forces in the area withdrawn to neighboring Iraq.

Meanwhile, Israeli warplanes fired a number of missiles in central Syria, The Associated Press reported, citing state media which claimed the attack killed a family of four including two children. State media also claimed that most of the missiles were downed by Syrian air defenses.

A Syrian military official told SANA that the strike was aimed at a number of targets in and around the central province of Hama. Israel has hundreds of sorties against targets in Syria over the years that were linked to Iran.

The AP noted that the Israeli strike was the country’s first since Biden took over as president.

For the duration of his four-year term, Trump attempted to withdraw American troops from decades-long conflicts in Iraq, Afghanistan and, more recently, Syria.

But he reportedly got constant push-back from his defense and national security advisers and Cabinet members, leading to the sacking or resignation of several.

In September, then-Democratic presidential nominee Biden claimed he wanted to draw down troop levels but added he would not withdraw U.S. forces completely.

“These ‘forever wars’ have to end. I support drawing down the troops. But here’s the problem, we still have to worry about terrorism and [the Islamic State],” he said in an interview at the time.Report Advertisement

He said he supported a “small U.S. military footprint” where the troops’ primary mission would be to engage in or facilitate special operations against ISIS and other terrorist groups, according to Stars & Stripes.

On Wednesday, the day Biden was inaugurated, the Syrian government sent him a message imploring him to withdraw American forces from the country.

Bashar al-Jaafari, Syria’s UN ambassador, criticized U.S. actions in the country during a virtual session of the Security Council as his country’s civil war approached its 10th anniversary.

“The American occupation forces continue to plunder Syria’s wealth of oil, gas, and agricultural crops, burning and destroying what it cannot steal,” he said.

“The new U.S. administration must stop acts of aggression and occupation, plundering the wealth of my country, withdraw its occupying forces from it, and stop supporting separatist militias, illegal entities, and attempts to threaten Syria’s sovereignty, unity and territorial integrity,” he added.

This is one of the primary reasons why Trump is no longer president: he took on the military-industrial complex that finds these wars profitable. They proved too powerful and too well-connected to be defeated. And so now Americans will once again expend their blood and treasure in conflicts that cannot conceivably be solved by American intervention and in which we have no national security or any other interest.


I had planned on discussing immigration under Biden in this article as well, however, the subject looks like it will need an article devoted to just it. So as you can see the first two weeks of Biden were a lot different than President Trumps. Biden had no problem getting his cabinet selections passed. Where Trump had to use provisional selections for months on end, because the congress refused to confirm his choices. They also fought his executive orders tooth and nail, even the supreme court became involved in his immigration orders. While Biden has pretty much had a pass to do whatever he has wanted to do. Let us see if the trend continues. I suspect that the Press will eventually get tired of being nice to him, and congress will wake up to his plans. He has virtually been running a dictatorship with his executive orders. Maybe Congress will realize that he has bypassed them altogether.

I once thought that he was simply a tool of the left, now I don’t really what to think. I know he is cognitively impaired, but I also know that he is wily like a fox. He has no problem manipulating facts so that they suit him. He is also willing to sell his influence to the highest bidder. How else did his son, Hunter become a mega millionaire. I do know one thing he has been going down the list and checking off his obligations to all of his large campaign donors. I know he paid off Warren Buffet by blocking the Keystone deal.

Resources, “President Biden’s Executive Order on Gender Identity and Sexual Orientation: Implications for Schools,” By Q. Shanté Martin;, “U.S. forces choppered into Syria 24 hours after new commander-in-chief takes power,” By Jon Dougherty;, “Back to the endless wars: US military convoy enters northeast Syria,” By Robert Spencer;

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