Standing Up For Yourself, Yes Doesn’t Mean No

I have written several articles Racism and Slavery. A list of links have been provided at bottom of this article for your convenience. This article will, however address different aspects on Racism and Slavery.

Saying yes or no and being firm is not easy. The birth of our nation was not easy. We did not become the greatest country in the world because it was easy. So why should standing up for your convictions be any different. There is a religious saying that “blessed be the weak, for they will inherit the earth“. This statement is only true because it was built on the backs of strong people. To succeed in life you must be willing to fight for your just convictions. Case in point, Drew Brees recently made a statement about America and the flag. He took a stand and as a result was respected by many people. However, some of his team mates and other lefties denounced him. He has since made at least 4 apologetic statements essentially reversing his original statement. Why did he do this, he has weak convictions and no fortitude. He is a millionaire over and over and no longer needs to play football. The right thing to do was to tell his team mates to go to hell along with the NFL and quit football. He would have been at least respected by the Right, now he respected by nobody. The left doesn’t respect weakness either. Another old saying that is appropriate now is “give an inch take a mile“. We can’t keep on giving in to the bullies in this world, because it is inconvenient or uncomfortable to do so. Say NO and mean it!

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