What Every Leader Needs to Be Effective With Chaz as a Working Example

Recently I wrote an article about what it takes to make a leader great, now due to recent events, I am going to address this subject further. In several states and cities we have seen examples of weak and poor leadership. These leaders’ decisions have been governed by greed, the need for power, politics, ignorance, stubbornness, weakness and just plain pettiness. Just when I thought the leadership in this country couldn’t get any worse, in comes the mayor of Seattle and the governor of Washington state. You have to go all the way back to before the Civil War to see such activity. A group of people living in Seattle have seceded from the United States and formed there own country. We know what happened, President Lincoln did not tolerate such behavior and we ended up having 4 years of civil war. Since the secession now does not involve a whole state, but just a portion of a city, the situation is a little different. It is still a very bad precedent that we cannot allow to happen and to continue without being addressed. In our current situation, the state and city governments are supposed to take care of it. It falls under there jurisdiction, not the Federal government. *President Trump has stated however, that if the matter is not taken care of soon, he would deal with it. If the people in Seattle are allowed to get away with this activity, it will be repeated throughout the country. The United States as we know it will no longer exist, and its remains will be ripe for the pickings by any of our competitors and enemies. All of our resources, treasures and national parks will be exhausted destroyed. We will no longer be able to protect our country. Our country needs strong and able leaders at all levels of government. No longer can we as a people tolerate bi-partisan politics and left leaning political thinking. They are ruining our country.

Now to the subject at hand, effective leadership, what does it take for a leader to be successful. We have dropped the bar a little in this discussion, we are no longer looking for the attributes that make greatness. We are only looking for enough attributes to make them effective. An effective leader needs to be decisive not divisive. They need to be fair and firm. They need to be able to look at all sides of the argument or debate and make a fair minded decision. When a decision is made the leader needs to stick to it, own it and be willing to take credit for it , if it fails. They have to follow the rules, guidelines set up by the business or in the case of government the constitution and laws of the land. They cannot ignore them just because they feel like it. They were set up for a reason, and if change needs to be made, it needs to be done so in an appropriate manner. A leader needs to protect his/her employees, and constituents and there possessions and properties. They also need to give coherent instructions and back up their employees when they are following the rules. A effective leader doesn’t leave his/her employees “hanging in the wind“. They support them and give them the tools they need to succeed. We are not seeing this in our country. The police are being abused and are receiving little support. Peoples’ businesses are being looted and destroyed and the owners are being beaten in public. The number of murders in our northern cities is increasing at an alarming rate. The only thing we care about is taking away the one thing that stands in the way of total chaos, the police. This is obviously not an effective use of our resources. Which just happens to be another requirement for effective leadership. Knowing what your resources are and being able to utilize them to the best advantage.

This list appears at first glance to be a difficult task to accomplish. It is not. CEO’s and leaders throughout the country accomplish them on a daily basis. However, our Democratic and left-leaning leaders seem to be lacking in a lot necessary requirements to rule effectively and fairly. It is my hope that some if not all of these leaders are voted out and replaced by choices in the November elections. We really don’t have much of a choice, our states and cities and people can’t take much more.

*There is a question if the Federal Government can step in and stop the Seattle take over. While I am not a Constitutional lawyer, this event appears to fall under the Insurrection Act. They have with the use of arms have taken over sections of the city without the residents’ approval. The insurgents are extorting fees from the residents and businesses for protection. The state and local governments have and obligation to protect it’s citizens, if they cannot it is incumbent on the Federal government to do so.

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