Athletes Speak Out, But Who Cares?

I have written several articles on postings related to politics. A list of links have been provided at bottom of this article for your convenience. This article will, however address different aspects on these political events.

This is a follow up so to speak with the Previous Article “Public Figures Speaking Out, Good or Bad?” In my belief, professional athletes are paid very well to preform one duty, that is to entertain us by preforming at high levels in their sport. They are not paid to use their popularity to push their political beliefs and agenda. I feel they are taking advantage of their standing in the community to push these beliefs. If they want to speak out in the public forum, they need to do so in a positive manner, not in divisive manner. We need unity and cohesiveness so we can repair our country and to rebuild our country and to bring the disparate people of our country together. These athletes and celebrities can help to do this. People would follow them if they acted appropriately and their words provided a healing message. Instead, they speak out against the country and its origins, they try to spread racism, instead of diminishing it. They speak out negatively about the Executive Office. The Executive Office is greater than any one person serving in it. Some of these athletes and stars are fabricating fake racial attacks on their person to bring back luster to a fading career. They are taking stands that are antagonistic to the country to further their careers. For example Kaepenick a second rate quarterback playing on a marginal team has obtained instant stardom by refusing to stand for the National Anthem. Because of his selfishness and desire for notoriety he has inflicted irreparable damage to our National Image. This trend has spread to many of the other Professional teams. It is becoming fashionable to kneel when the National Anthem is being sung. These athletes are enjoying all the bounty that this country has to offer. They have no problem accepting their bloated paychecks, drive their fancy cars and live in their mansions with private security. Do they even know what they are kneeling for. There are other more appropriate venues to discuss their issues. The problem is they don’t want top discuss the issues, because they can’t defend their agenda. Baseball saw how superfluous it was when they said they weren’t coming back to play this year, and all they got was a big yawn. Nobody really cared. So, guess how fast they changed there tune. They realized that if they didn’t come back this year they mind as well not come back at all. I am making a plea to all celebrities across this country please work to heal and rebuild this country, don’t use your power to destroy something you so obviously have enjoyed the benefits of.

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